Make Your Business Ads Stand Out With Step And Repeat Banners

Make Your Business Ads Stand Out With Step And Repeat Banners

Businesses who need to get their brand message out in efficient yet affordable way can take advantages of step and repeat banners. Because of their eye catching style and higher visibility, they help your company to stand out that is important particularly at the time of BTL promotion or trade shows.

They are used as backdrops usually for events and parties. What makes it unique is that company logo or brand is repeated in banner. No matter what angle a photographer locate to, company name is always visible. Banner is popular choice among businesses that are in advertising though it can be used by other players because it is best marketing element that can be utilized repeatedly saving you from cost of ordering over and over again. You should consider the use of step and repeat banner if you need the following;

  • Maximum exposure for long
  • Banner which is easy to set up or remove.
  • Affordable yet quality backdrop which last up to 3 years for outdoor or more for indoor.

Retractable Banners

Roll up banners also known as retractable banners are popular to the businesses who need to provide their company’s information in one go, this thing is particularly useful for businesses who are on tight budgets. Retractable banners are easier to manage and frequently motorized so one doesn’t need to have specialized labor on standby for checking it over and over again.

Besides the logo and information of your company, the other graphics can also be printed on your banner because of the advancement in technology. The banner prices depend on the size, use of the graphics and the material to be used. So consider to order retractable banner only in the following cases;

  • You want maximum exposure.
  • You are on tight budget however still need value for your money.
  • It will be used on indoor show.
  • You have little space for company’s promotion like presentations or talks.
  • You need a permanent display inside store or other venues.

Choosing the Banner Type

For businesses that are interested to purchase the banner, it is important to think about what you need. The retractable banners are best for trade shows because of their portability and gives you a shorter lead time. In contrast Step and Repeat banners are best for businesses who need stylish display in their stores and need simple yet elegant demonstration of their company’s name and logos on events, conferences and trade shows.


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