Manitoba Olympians – The Pride of Canada

Manitoba Olympians – The Pride of Canada

You cannot surely deny the beauty of CentrePlace Manitoba that was built for 2010 Olympics. It had an entirely different design which had everything together in one place. Being the main trade hub of Canada, it was selected for this main event. The building was built with the help of the products and technology all from Manitoba. The pavilion built with recyclable material. The building catches your attention easily and the best part is the entrance of light through the panels which brighten it up to make you feel awesome.

People of Manitoba

The people here are proud to build this all on their own and they are ready for the big events. All the rest of the preparations are also being made. Olympics is the most exciting event which is most awaited and every country wants to have the privilege to organize such a big event. In 2010, Canada was given the opportunity to organize it. The people of Canada like taking part in all sorts of sport events since they have great passion for sports. The people are active and enjoy life to their fullest. The Olympians of Canada had made their country proud of them. They really worked hard to earn fame and respect and represented their country and made a special place in the heart of people by winning the contests.

Famous Olympians

The most promising and hardworking people became stars. They made Canada proud of them. Men in Canada especially like playing hockey. Jonathan Toews and Duncan Keith are the players who showed their best performances. Canada had high hopes from these stars of Manitoba and they did according to the expectations. Women are no less than men. The woman hockey player Jennifer Botterill is a hardworking athlete and won in her homeland. Men won the long track speed skating. Michael Ireland and Kyle Parrot were trained well enough to win the Olympics. Similarly Women are fond of long track speed skating too. Clara, Cindy, Shannon, Rempelalong with Brittany Schussler fought for their win. Who can forget Megan Imrie, the famous Biathlon who put all her hard work and efforts to win!

Carolyn Daryshire for women’s curling and John Morris for men’s curling were also announced as winners in the Olympics of 2010. Danielle Poleschuk took part in ski cross whereas John Montgo took part in Skeleton as Manitoba Olympians and they both were declared winners.

Manitoba Olympians were excited to be a part of the world Olympics and were trained well to be successful in it. Manitoba wanted its men and women to face other Olympians bravely and they did. It was very hopeful that its diligent and conscientious Olympians would win and they did win. The biggest advantage they had in 2010 was of the place. They were determined to win medals for their province and they won. Manitoba Olympians also took part in Rio games this year.


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