Marketing Services: How To Understand What You Need?

Marketing Services: How To Understand What You Need?

The range of services provided by agencies is quite wide. What does it include?

1. Analytics. This is a fairly wide range of services, which includes researching the market, audience and competitors, searching for new niches, as well as analytics of the business itself: its marketing strategy, the effectiveness of advertising communications, finding ways to develop, etc. These services can be ordered separately or in combination.

2. Development of a marketing strategy. The agency takes on all the responsibilities for developing a promotion strategy: from analytics to drawing up a media plan. This service is suitable for small businesses if there is no full-time specialist. Company’s marketer needs experian marketing services and resources to perform a complex and complex task with high quality.

3. SEO and work with the site. SEO promotion includes a whole range of tools. One of the most important stages of SEO is work on the site, its technical characteristics, design and usability. All these works require deep specific knowledge, so this service is popular even among representatives of large businesses.

4. Conducting contextual advertising. Contextual advertising is ads that are shown to the user in the top positions of search engine results when he enters a key query. This is an effective tool for quickly increasing sales from a site that is in demand in both B2B and B2C segments.

5. SMM. It consists of maintaining pages on social networks and targeted advertising. To maintain the page, an analysis of the audience is carried out, recommendations for design are given, and a content plan for publications is drawn up. For targeted advertising, adjustment, evaluation of effectiveness and adjustment are carried out. Now the audience of social networks is actively growing, so any business can find its target audience there.

6. Display advertising. This is a banner ad aimed at a wide audience coverage. As a rule, it is aimed at increasing brand awareness.

7. Work with reputation. It can be divided into two areas: SERM and PR in the network. The purpose of SERM is to make sure that the user, entering the name of the company in the search engine, sees only positive reviews and articles. Although it is most often used in cases where the reputation has already been damaged, we recommend that you constantly work with reviews to prevent a threat to the company’s image. PR, on the other hand, is aimed precisely at building and maintaining a reputation: building a brand image and stable positive associations with it, increasing the perceived value of a brand, etc.

8. E – mail marketing. The name speaks for itself: specialists develop and implement an e-mail marketing strategy. The main difficulty here is to build a stable automated system and develop a selling content plan so that subscribers open letters, read them and go to your resource. Another danger of e-mail marketing is the possibility of getting filtered.

9. Video advertising. The agency can also take over the entire job of creating a video ad from conception and scripting to distribution.

10. Special projects. They are aimed at involving the consumer, generating interest in the product and natively stimulating the purchase. This promotion option is most often used by representatives of medium and large businesses.

11. Business consulting. When a business stops growing and stagnates, it can be difficult to pinpoint the root cause. Therefore, in order to conduct an objective assessment of the current situation, to highlight all the advantages and disadvantages of the company on the market, it is worth inviting an external specialist who will impartially conduct analytics and find new ways to develop the business.

For these companies, we provided a wide range of services.

These services can be ordered separately, but a more effective promotion model is an integrated approach, when different communication channels complement each other. The results of such an advertising campaign are always higher.

In this article, we will analyze the entire range of marketing services using the example of a comprehensive campaign. This will give a visual representation of the cooperation with the agency.

Analytics: what needs to be done before launching ads?

Promotion always begins with an analysis of the specifics of the business and research of the target audience. These points are worked out in detail during the creation of a marketing strategy, so we will only indicate what is included in the preliminary analysis.

The specifics of the advertising environment and the work of competitors are studied. This is essential, especially if you are entering a new market.

Examines information on past marketing strategies. It is necessary to study the progress of past strategies, budget allocation, past mistakes.

Checking channel statistics. To do this, you need to get the accounts of all advertising accounts and study the numbers of previous launches. Additionally, you can check the profitability or profitability of advertisements.

Efficiency is analyzed. Based on all the data received, we determine the effectiveness of advertising channels and decide where to launch an advertising campaign.

The ads themselves are also checked, whether they are correctly composed, whether they contain unnecessary information, whether they correspond to the goods / services offered.

The most important thing is to choose the right advertising channels and set them up in the right way. For targeted advertising, it is important:

  • Define target audience
  • Pick the right social media

For context:

  • Efficient queries
  • Correct drafting of ads
  • Effective headlines, well-written content, pictures
  • Yandex. Direct and Google Ad Words

For banner:

  • Pictures
  • Suitable sites
  • Let’s analyze in more detail all the services that the agency provides.

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