Materials and Features of the Countertops

Materials and Features of the Countertops

Stainless Steel Countertops

They are ideal for places where their use is very intense, hence, they are widely used in the kitchens of restaurants. They are resistant to shock, humidity and heat, very easy to clean, do not stain and require practically no maintenance.

Among its drawbacks are that when a scratch occurs, which is inevitable, this will become very visible. In addition, they are characteristic of aesthetics of restaurants or very industrial environments, something that is not to the taste of many. The price of the stainless steel countertops is high.

Tiled Countertops

Tiled countertops are one of the most economical and versatile options available. The options of design and size of the tile are practically unlimited and we can also combine it with the walls in case they are also tiled. As for the price, even choosing a relatively expensive tile will be low compared to the other countertop options. They are mainly used in rustic air kitchens, although depending on the tile used we can adapt to any style.

Among its advantages stand out that they are resistant to scratches and heat, and that the case of breakage is easy to replace the tile. Regarding the disadvantages of the tiled countertops, we find that the resulting surface is irregular, the joints tend to become easily dirty and contribute to the growth of bacteria. In addition, depending on the tiles, it can be stained when using acid products.

Granite Countertops

This type of material can be given different finishes. It is still one of the most demanded in families for the reason that the durability of granite countertops speaks for itself. The resistance that proves to the products that are used is one of the points by which they continue elaborating. Heat is no problem for granite as it withstands very well the high temperatures.

Not all is good as these types of countertops are not recommended for use with less than two centimeters thick. At the same time, the sinks that are made of this same material tend to be very delicate. This material is porous and can absorb the liquids permanently without any solution.

Resin Countertops

They have some advantages that make them a good choice. One of the advantages that counts is that they are not porous, so you will not worry about the stains. They are made with waterproof material that facilitates their cleaning. There are many colors to choose from. The best thing countertops is that you can customize them. They withstand high temperatures and scratches that you could accidentally cause. The ease with which it is cleaned is a very big advantage that resin countertops have. There are few disadvantages we identify for these types of countertops. The cost is usually high but worth the purchase. The resistance to the blows is not something that characterizes them.


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