Merry Christmas! – Christmas in the UK

Merry Christmas! – Christmas in the UK

It is curious as corresponding to the same religion customs vary between cultures. In England, there are many similar to its neighbors in Europe and many traditions that do not look in the least. Here you will find these and more Christmas customs in England.

Christmas Markets

Before Christmas Eve, the British streets are filled with Christmas spirit with peasants singing carols in the streets, mimes entertain the little ones, and tree lights that decorate the city, without missing the Christmas markets. Like many other countries, England is a big fan of Christmas markets and more.  The picturesque and classical city of Bath attracts thousands of visitors each year to explore its 100 stalls located on cobblestone streets.

Christmas Day and Boxing

Christmas Eve is a day not so celebrated as in other European countries. In England, the day of great importance during the holidays are Christmas Day on 25 and Boxing Day on 26, the day when servants and traders once officially celebrate Christmas, receiving gifts and presents. Today, it is a working party with December 25.

Christmas Day is celebrated with a dinner of goose, turkey or roast chicken and vegetable stuffing and potatoes. After dinner, sweet desserts are tasted like fruit tarts and Christmas pudding, an extremely sweet but light cream, flambéed with brandy. In the afternoon, the annual Christmas message of Queen is televised.

The First Christmas Card & Tree in London

According to the British Embassy in the United States, the first Christmas card was sent from Britain in the 1840s. The image had a family with a young son drinking wine together. The greeting says ‘A Merry Christmas and New Year to you’.

The Christmas tree was introduced in British culture by Queen Carlotta and King George III. Today, almost all British households have their own full of lights tree and other ornaments.

In the central square of Trafalgar Square in London, a large Christmas tree, a gift from the city of Oslo since 1947, symbolizing the Anglo-Norwegian cooperation in the Second World War is mounted.

Ice Skating

In numerous historical areas in cities like London, ice rinks are installed and thousands of visitors and locals are rented skates for practicing their skills on the ice. It is a tradition that has been practiced for centuries in England.


As a pioneer and passionate theater country, it is not surprising that during the holiday season many shows are seen in the streets. In markets and in places, they show works of renowned writers like Dickens and Shakespeare.

Santa Claus

Generally, gifts are placed under the tree and exchanged in the morning of Christmas Day. Every year on Christmas Eve, children hang Christmas stockings on fireplaces or in their beds waiting Santa Claus fill them with gifts.


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