Minecraft – A Game of Creativity

Minecraft – A Game of Creativity

Minecraft is about a vast territory plagued with many different hazards without elements to defend. Of course, the time against does nothing but create difficulty and this must be added with the night monsters which come to devour.

This open Minecraft world allows us to create anything we want to take care of our lives. It is known that the securities in the form of open world allow you to apply creativity to succeed. The mechanics in Minecraft are about creating and developing one’s destiny, necessary to safeguard our life element to be created.

Do you need wood to make our house? Then pick up the axe in Minecraft world and go for it for manufacturing what and how you desire it. Are you tired of walking through the extensive map? Well, the solution is to make a kind of station wagon, similar to those seen in the mines to move from one side to the other. The same can be done with the elements for the defense before the zombies and other creatures attack who seek us at night. This is Minecraft XBLA. A world where everything is possible and only depends on the skill of the participant. To enjoy the game fully, you get Minecraft premium account.

Minecraft User Interface

The user interface is excellent. It is very clear when something is missing to create a product and also where you can find it. Unlike the PC, the menu is very clear and it is not required to surf the internet to learn how to use some of the mods. For novices in Minecraft, it is very easy to learn. The game features lots of aids that teach how and where to obtain the necessary resources. When digging in certain places, we may find iron or gold. Clearly, the participant will know who has something important and the menu will tell you what the necessary tool is for extraction.

Minecraft world seems limitless. You can create streams and fields of grain crops and a farm with domestic animals, great castles and small homes, and the constructions only depend on the player’s imagination. Snow, sand or simple green meadow, the surrounding landscape is choice of the player. Everything is possible in the world of Minecraft.

Missions and Multiplayer

There are no missions or campaigns, but there is always something to do and the complicated IP addresses are not necessary to play in the multiplayer version. We can play with friends in split screen with up to four simultaneous players.

Graphics and Sound

Visually, it must be said, it is pretty awful. The idea of ​​the game cube is striking. Why not do the same with current graphic technologies? Anyway, once you get used to it, the style is consistent. Lights and shadows are well achieved with excellent climate factor.

Likewise, the sound is basic and the music is soft. The sound of clicks are clearly heard along with the characteristic to dig, cut and build noises. Lava, on the other hand, is like water streams with a distinctive sound.

Monsters and zombies are heard completely different to anything else. On the negative side, we can indicate that pets never shut up.

It is a game for the imagination. The game starts and ends when the brain runs out of ideas. At first, it may appear certain monotony, overall, Minecraft is a fantastic and highly recommended game. It is an intuitive interface and video game suitable for all ages.


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