Mini blossom & Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder Reviews

Mini blossom & Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder Reviews

Mini Blossom Hummingbird Feeder

If you need to decorate a planter, or cheer up a window, the charming mini blossom hummingbird feeder is perfect for planters, pots and windows. You can cheer up any windows, kitchen or otherwise with a couple of these elegant mini blossom hummingbird feeders and enjoy the bird party they create. Made of glass and metal these won’t deteriorate in the sun and are perfect to stick into balcony or patio planters.  They come in three colors, aqua, blue and green colored glass, and are the perfect trio together hung in a window or spread out in planters.

Holding only ¾ of nectar they also encourage a fresh batch for the birds each week. This also cuts down on competition, as the hummingbirds tend to get territorial over these and decide which one belongs to them personally and it is really fun to observe their behavior. These cheerful elegant feeders will add style to any patio window or balcony garden, and attract our flying friends for hours of relaxing entertainment.

So if you have a smallish space or a balcony begging for some action in a couple planters, give these a try and relish the iridescent hummingbird antics that ensues through your windows.  These also makes a great gifts too.

Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder

If you are looking for a stunning unique hummingbird feeder to grace your garden patio, look no further as hand blown glass hummingbird feeder attract hummingbirds in droves with its multicolored texture. This gorgeous filigree globe feeder is sprinkled with brilliant, nubby splashes of color. In the sun this creates a colorful splash of light, creating a diamond sparkling show for birds and garden guests alike.

Hang this feeder for your hummingbirds in your specimen garden tree for hours of relaxing entertainment as the local hummer population parades to and fro for their daily buffet. Featuring speckled hand blown glass, this vessel sports three feeding ports and is proudly made of recycled glass in North America.

 This globe also features Parasol’s drip less rubber laboratory-quality Gondola stopper in antiqued brass, which removes for easy cleaning. With a 16-ounce fluid oz. nectar capacity, this feeder comes with an instructions tag and nectar recipe. Dimensions: 11″ high; 3″ diameter, and comes with 7″ S-hook for hanging. So if you are looking for that splash of color to liven up a window, patio or garden to attract some bird watching pleasure, this is sure to over deliver.


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