Month-by-Month Baby Care Tips

Month-by-Month Baby Care Tips

Congratulations on your new baby. Welcoming the baby and introducing him to the world is a task that requires great deal of dedication and hard work, and a lot of information on how to take care of yourself and the baby. Here are a few tips for month by month care and development of your baby.

First Month

Initially, the baby requires to be fed on time as given a safe and quiet environment to sleep in. You may notice early reflexes like grasping hands and smiling, and lots of crying by the end of first month when the babies find their lungs. One month old is also capable of tracking objects with his/her eyes and recognizes their parents and their voices. Keep a track of baby’s weight and growing and consult a doctor if you do not see any growth.

Second Month

Second month of the baby calls for important things like immunizations that start from this age and end when the baby is at least five years old. Keep a track of which injections should be given when and what diseases will your baby be immunized against. Apart from this, the baby starts showing signs of interaction like smiling, so make sure you communicate well with the baby. Also make sure you’re taking good care of baby skin and hygiene along the way, because it the first and foremost step in a baby’s development.

Third Month

Your baby is growing up gradually now, and you can now take your baby out for a while, to a park or for a walk. However, you need to be sure not to expose the baby to sunlight a lot since it my damage the skin. Find a shady and windy spot and keep a check for rashes or allergies, and don’t use sunscreen or other chemicals on baby’s skin. Give your baby a sponge bath or wash with some water to maintain hygiene.

Fourth Month

Your baby will enjoy the milk diet and plenty of sleep, since the baby is growing rapidly. The baby cab start recognizing toys now, so you can buy him a few. Make sure not to overload our baby with toys because that will confuse him. Also, make sure the toys are according to the baby’s age and not too advanced since it may frustrate the baby.

Fifth Month

Your baby might develop minor illnesses this age, so you shouldn’t worry much about rashes and tummy aches. Consult a doctor and get medicine prescribed, and make sure to give the right medications on time.

Sixth Month

Your baby is now half a year old! You will now see new skills, communication patterns and the urge to get mobile. The baby might start crawling soon and start to get a sense of independence.

The first six months of baby care are usually the hardest and require a great deal of attention and care. After the first six months by following the best baby care tips, you will be most likely to get a grip of things and understand your baby’s behavior and needs better. At this stage, baby cribs remain useful and you can continue using the cribs. If you need to buy a bay crib, you can read more about Stork Craft Sheffield Crib here.


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