Necessary Tools To Paint The Outside Of Your House

Necessary Tools To Paint The Outside Of Your House

Pad Applicators

The pad applicator, which slides instead of rolling, now often replaces the brush for the special purposes just mentioned. And many new pad applicators have features that eliminate still further the skill required by the brush on the same type of job. The wheel-edge roller, for example, with its wheels riding along the ceiling allows you to apply different colors to the wall with not irregularity along the line of juncture. The corner roller, on the other hand, paints into vertical corners, applying a starting stripe of the same color on two adjoining walls in a single pass.

It is a good idea when you are painting with a pad applicator not to overload it. I find that pressing it on some newspaper once or twice after loading the pad with paint helps in the distribution of the paint on the pad and takes off any larger blobs.

Using the wheel-edge roller type of pad, it’s very important not to get any paint on the wheels itself, especially when applying a different color than the adjoining wall or ceiling.

Razor Scraper

It uses the standard blades and helps in taking the paint off the glass.

Wall Scraper

It is normally a flexible wall scraper of 6 inches and it helps in the removal of wallpaper and softened paint from the flat surfaces. It is utilized to level off the applications of plaster compounds as well.

Power Painters

For a big job, roller painting can be sped up with an appliance that automatically releases paint from a central source to its specially designed roller by way of a long hose. A button on the roller handle lets you adjust the flow.

Advantages of Power Painters

You don’t have to keep reloading the roller from a tray or bucket every few minutes. When you are working from a ladder, you are saved the inconvenience of moving both the latter and your paint supply each time.

Models powered by electricity, a hand pump, or a CO2 cartridge all perform essentially the same tasks. They come with a brush and pad attachments as well as roller frames with a variety of sleeves in different naps.

Drawbacks of Power Painters

Cleaning these appliances, particularly the hoses, is time-consuming. So is maintenance. They waste ample amounts of paint. Their best use is to paint the outside of your house with big areas to cover lots of ladder work. 


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