Old Log Homes Mortar Chinking – Is Effective & Economical Restoration Still Possible?

Old Log Homes Mortar Chinking – Is Effective & Economical Restoration Still Possible?

Re-chinking and repairing are the services which are considered to be essential for log houses. When it is about old log houses, you will find that there is something really important about it and that is the type of material used for construction. Most people have the impression that ‘Old is Gold’ and they believe if something is from the old times, it must be durable and great, but this is not always true because there are so many things from old times and they are not at all good and mortar chinking is one of them.

Mortar chinking is a kind of substance which was used in between logs and you can still find some of older houses which were built with the help of those substances. Though it was very popular that time, now it has been proven that it has issues with it like it grasps dampness up against logs which often makes logs rotting out in case of certain environments. The issues with mortar are still with the old homes and when it comes to the restoration of old cabins, skilled men have to face real difficulties and this is the reason why most of the restoration companies don’t get themselves involved into older projects, however, there are still a few who are ready to do whatever they are told to do and one of them is Edmunds family.

The Edmunds & Company Log Home Restoration has been involved in restoration business since 1978 and such a huge experience has made them great in what they do. Currently, they are involved in restoring of 2 old buildings which were built with the same mortar chinking in early years of 20th century. In that ear, for gaps filling, the available materials were rope, straw, mud, wood or combination. The use of mortar for chinking purpose were brought to market between the periods of 1940 to 1950. Straw and mud might not be that effective in air leaks prevention, but mortar was considered to be much better those days.

However, with advancement in everything, the same has occurred with the type of material used for the purpose of chinking. If you are still living in a log house which was chinked with the same mortar material and now you need restoration and maintenance, this informative content will lead you to the place where you will be able to find the most economical and most effective solution for your all problems.


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