Perfect Essay Writing Tips for Essay on Euthanasia

Perfect Essay Writing Tips for Essay on Euthanasia

Euthanasia is planned killing of a human being by direct act of injecting with a killing substance or stop the providing of life-saving drugs and equipment. There are basically two types of euthanasia as either ‘active’ or ‘passive’ or ‘voluntary’ or ‘non- voluntary’ and ‘involuntary’.

Active euthanasia is about taking a step to cause patient’s death and the doctor plays active role in ascertaining patient’s death.

Passive euthanasia is generally described as taking out the medical cure with intentional purpose for causing a patient’s death. For instance, if any patient needs the kidney dialysis to live, and physicians cut off a dialysis apparatus, a patient can most probably die quite soon.

Difference between Both Types

In case of active euthanasia, everything is completed to the last part till the death of a patient and the doctor purposely takes some action like injecting some poisonous fluid.

In passive euthanasia, the lifesaving drugs or equipment are discontinued upon which the patient is surviving.

Voluntary euthanasia takes place when the patient asks for that act to be taken to end his/her life with conscious awareness.

Involuntary euthanasia takes place a patient’s life is ended without his/her awareness and permission.

It is a controversial and a highly debatable topic all over the world and in many countries, it is considered to be illegal to practice. This is why it makes great essay topic in high schools, colleges and universities and it seems quite easy to find ideas. Writing an essay is surely interesting as you get many arguments in favor as well disfavor; therefore, you need to learn about how to write an essay on it.

How to Write an Essay on Euthanasia?

There are some important points which will help you make the best outline and format.


In the introductory section, the students should give information about the assigned subject and explain their main position on it. Normally, at the end of the paragraph, thesis statement is introduced.

Body Paragraphs

In the main body, you have to follow the arrangement of the arguments in separate paragraphs explaining convincingly. Jot down the significant points and they should be interconnected and you can also break the leading points into the sub-topics in an extensive paper.


The conclusion should be used to update how your topic could be vision in the future.

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