Protect Your Hands by Wearing Work Gloves

Protect Your Hands by Wearing Work Gloves

Certain occupations such as construction, chemist, druggist and catering have the chance of hazards and may hurts the hands. Not only in that profession but also in our daily works, we may often hurt our hands. We do many works in a day with hands, but we do not care much about hands.

We clean the houses with hands as well as eat something by using hands. We must keep our hands clean to avoid the diseases such as airborne illness, infections, hepatitis A and so on. So if we involve in any cleaning work in home and any other places, we must wear work gloves to protect our hands and health too.

There are so many work gloves available according to the work we involve. The works are countless, but the type of work gloves may vary from work to work.

Electrical Safety Gloves

If you are going to repair electrical wiring system in your home, wear electrical safety gloves to avoid electric shock. If you are working with any energized equipment, you need to wear electrical safety work gloves for special protection to guard against shock and burns.

Chemical Resistant

Most of the chemicals are harmful to hands such as Sulfuric Acid. The work gloves shield hands against such acids, caustics, solvents and oils.


This glove is a guard against contamination, chemicals and infection with disposable nitride or vinyl.

Cut Resistant

It is safe while handling glasses, bottles, sheet metal and other sharp materials.

Leather Gloves

They are used in construction works, farms and many other industries as work gloves.


These gloves are especially used by the mechanics who has special grips to manage grease and oils.


All-leather split construction makes these gloves ideal for welding and handling hot and heavy materials.

Not only for these works but also for sports activity, the work gloves are used in a wide range. Some voyagers who make journeys to some critical places such as a forest or an icy mountain can wear safety gloves to tackle the different temperature.

Moreover chefs in hotels use gloves to protect hands from cuts and burns and also keep the working neat. Likewise you can use work gloves in your home kitchen and wear them while chopping vegetables and avoid cuts on your hands. You know hands are important and it is your responsibility to take care of them. So do not forget to wear work gloves when you are engaged in the works like the above. Please, visit The Review Gurus to find best brands of work gloves.

Choosing the right kind of work glove for the job is one of the most important safety considerations you have to make for the reason that it can literally mean the difference between losing a finger and getting the job done properly. The most important considerations are the application, the fit, the level of protection and the durability of the work gloves.


Hand injuries are the most common work related injuries and these injuries often happen when people take off their work gloves to get a better grip. It is easy to see why grip is an important factor. If you are less likely to remove your work gloves, you are less likely to experience an injury. Leather work gloves often have a fairly good grip because of the built-in qualities of the leather, but there are many other types of work gloves that do not have this same level of grip.

If you are buying work gloves made from anything except for leather, look for extra padding in the palms, a high level of dexterity in the fingers, and any type of built-in grip surface. This may be an added synthetic or a leather palm. A good and strong grip will add functionality as well as durability to the work gloves.

Work Glove Thumb Construction

Our opposable thumbs make many things a cinch, and you don’t want to lose your thumb. There are a couple types of thumb construction that add to functionality, safety and comfort. The first is straight thumb. This is simply a technique in which the thumb lies vertical to the wrist. It is the simplest form of construction and is good for gripping.

The next is the Key thumb. It means that the thumb is a separate attachment as it allows for more flexibility and natural range of the motion. This makes for a very comfortable functional work gloves, but you must be careful to check for the seams.

The wing thumb is the last we will discuss. This manufacturing process is a combination of the other two. The thumb leaves the work gloves at a diagonal angle and is still part of the main construction. There are fewer seams in this type of construction.

As I have said already. Figure out what you need work gloves in the first place for and make your choice accordingly. Try on work gloves and make sure that they fit well and they are comfortable. It is important to get work gloves that are not oversized, and keep in mind that new work gloves will stretch out, a little smaller is better than oversized which can lead to the unfortunate accidents. Choose the right work gloves and your hands will thank you for this. You can also read additional reviews and guidelines before making the final decision.


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