RC Rock Crawlers – Definition and Suggestions

RC Rock Crawlers – Definition and Suggestions

Many people still do not know about their existence, and it is way more shocking for me, as it is one of the best ways through which you can enjoy having fun without the issue of getting involved in someone else. Just as the name says, it is a car device that is used to crawl on rocks just like a spider would do, but with full speed. And if it falls down it will pick itself up and start crawling again. Now let’s see the best RC rock crawler on the market.

Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer Ready to Run

This is one of the best crawlers that you can find on the market, it is easy to use, and is perfect even if you are a professional or just a newbie. It saves you ton of money with giving you the best possible features, so with this one you are not at all missing out on anything at all. I would say that you must get a new spare 3S battery with it, so if the already existing one runs low you can change that and have unlimited fun without getting any obstacle in your way.

Axial Racing 90022

It’s a real looking model in a smaller size, it delivers good speed with complete control, I am sure that you will surely recommend this to your friends.  It has a good suspension level that that helps you get a better control on it. It is very upgradable and comes with a kit, with which you can change its look from time to time. It also comes with a drag break, perfectly suited for those racers. LED lights helps to make this device even better and real looking. The bad thing about this is that it’s not water proof.

Exceed RC MaxStone

It is the best 1:10 scale RC crawler in market on lowest possible price, so you save your money. If you like you can also get extra accessories with this one that will make using this even easier for you. It makes a perfect gift even for a person who has never used a crawler before.

Redcat Racing Everest-16

This is my number one pick right now. There are so many reasons for that. It has a solid body that is unbreakable, giving you the freedom to enjoy playing with it in different areas. If you are going with it, I would suggest you get an extra battery as that can help you in order to enjoy the fun without any pause at all. It comes with a battery that you can charge also, so there are no worries when you are getting this one.

If you are a person like me who loves speed and control, then you surely love the existence of RC rock crawlers. No doubt they are a symbol of high speed with enjoyment and full control. Many people around the world are working in communities in order to enjoy the experience of playing the crawlers even more. They have online websites, and help portals through where you can get any kind of help you are looking for.

RC rock crawler are meant to be super fast, no doubt in that even if you are not willing to race it with other crawlers still it needs to be fast, as it is made to deliver the highest speed. If you are racing on street or even if in a race course you must do that with complete passion, and when it comes to high speed nothing can be better than a perfect RC rock crawler. You may think that you need a challenge to enjoy the experience from a crawler, but you are totally wrong. If you are alone it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy its experience.

Furthermore, if you are alone with your RC rock crawler, you can enjoy it way better, such as you can play with it in the grounds, on the streets. Just take some rocks and make a track of your own. Shoot a video with it, and you will start having super fun in no time.

The sound RC crawler makes is very soothing for many people now, and I am one of those people no doubt. They are basically technical rock crawlers, racers and trail rigs that are used for both a single person enjoyment and for the purpose of racing. This can go through trails that are impossible to go through with a small toy car.

The Axial Wraith

The crawler that I have is the one from the axial racing, and boy do I love it? I love it more than any other thing in my garage, even more than my own car. It is also available in many other colors, but I have the one that is blue, and I love it. My RC rock crawler is very easy to control, and delivers complete performance, just the way I like it. So if you are willing to get one, choose from the Best RC rock crawler, so you can get the best experience.


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