Reasons for Making Use of Good Quality LED Grow Lights

Reasons for Making Use of Good Quality LED Grow Lights

It is true that all home owners may not have the luxury of warm sunshine coming into their gardens. There are even a few homes nowadays that do not even have an outdoor garden. Anyone loving plants, and looking for innovative ways of growing them indoors will find that LED grow Lights are the perfect solution. But would just any brand of LED grow light be good enough?

It is a known fact the best LED grow lights will save electricity while ensuring the best growth for your plants. As a trending technology, grow lights that are powered by LED will supply specific waves of lighting to your plants that is much better compared to HID or standard fluorescent lights. Among the many brands available on the market, the Hydro Grow Penetrator are among the most advanced around. In general, LEDs do not make of a filament, but would produce illumination once an electric current passes through the circuit.

The light produced by LED driven grow lights vary from visible to ultraviolet or even infrared. It has been said that LED grow Lights are specially engineered with just the right blend of light and intensity. This is perfect for plants in need of enough energy to manufacture the necessary nutrients needed for their growth.

Indoor growers managed to show amazing results due to using the best LED grow Lights on the market. This is why it has become increasingly popular with home owners looking for ways to revive dying plants. Due to the fact that the use of LED grow lights happen to be a fairly new concept, all sorts of questions are being asked about it buy the people interested indoor gardening.

One of the positive aspects of these Lights is that they make it so user-friendly and a very little heat is being produced to the extent that it would almost be alright to touch. The home owners will love the fact that LED lights can be positioned about 30 to 45cm above their plants as it does not burn anything which is a common problem with HID bulbs. As we are only at the beginning of the best LED grow lights being utilized to enhance indoor plant growth, quite a hefty price tag is being attached to it. However, in the times to come, the prices will go down once it becomes more popular and more companies are producing LED grow Lights. In all cases, it is best to inform yourself as to the advantages of selecting high quality products as opposed to just try any brand.

As an avid gardener or hobbyist who possesses an aquarium, you may wonder what LED grow Lights can all be used for? In most cases, people are aware of the fact that the light emitting diodes (LEDs) of these lights are best used for growing indoor plants. This can be seen from the array of electromagnetic colors being emitted that mimics the bluish colors given off by sunlight to provide all plants with just the right amount of light to set off the photosynthesis process.

Generally, grow lamps powered by LED are used either industrially or commercially. Although, nowadays, residential use is becoming more and more common. Then again, LED grow Lights are present within a standard bulb fitting as there is no need for non-standard electrical fixture or special ballasts. They come in 2W to 15W equivalents and range in color and sizes. Even though it is more commonly used to the benefit of amateur gardeners and greenhouses, LED in itself is being used to power traffic lights, and to power large billboards as well as for medically treating patients with ulcers and various types of cancers.

Large Scale Use

The lights are used in hydroponics and for the production of industrial foods. Interestingly, grow lights powered by LED are fully utilized by NASA to provide space scientists and astronauts with fresh food and for experimental purposes to grow plants.

Residential Use

These lights are ideal for various home gardening projects as it takes up very little space with minimal electric consumption. Furthermore, it is very lightweight and easy to move around. Gardeners are able to cultivate plants during winter, or can even get an early start by growing all sorts of seedlings indoors.

What about LED for Aquarium Use?

Aquarium enthusiasts are starting to realize the benefits in making use of LED grow Lights. Since it does not produce heat, it is a great way to providing adequate lightning without causing the water in the tank to get too hot. In addition, it far more energy efficient to ensure it lasts for very long.

Indoor Gardeners Love LED

As grow lights driven by LED are able to encourage plant growth, gardeners all over find it useful for producing very healthy indoor gardens through making use of containers and greenhouses that are equipped with these lights. It is far more efficient starting an indoor garden this way. In this regard, it is not advisable to opt for cheap ones as they will not last much. Rather utilize premium LEDs for flowering plants as you do not want to experience lower yields that would fail in the first year due to opting for the cheaper version.


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