Recommended Exercises to Stay in Shape

Recommended Exercises to Stay in Shape


If you want to have sexy legs, do lunges! It takes only a few minutes to carry out the exercise every day, but the results are amazing. Three sets of ten lunges is all you need to see the transformation within few days. If you want to make your heart work more actively, we recommend that you should try jumping lunges. The construction of a couple of muscle groups, sculpture and strengthen them while doing exercise is only possible if you are doing lunges.


You can see how incredible bodies the swimmers have. This is what makes swimming to them after many years of practicing this sport. There is almost nothing as effective as swimming and the benefits are endless. Swimming works the whole body from head to toe. It is not only very effective but also enjoyable. You can spend some time in the pool of water to improve your heart rate and aerobic capacity. Whether done in a sea or a pool, swimming can be done every day. And you can do it with your entire family as well which will help you have some family fun time.

Another effective thing to do is run. Practice jogging and running in the morning before breakfast. You can go jogging in the evening or at night as well. Just make sure you do not do it on a full stomach. Running is able to change the way you look and feel. This will make you slimmer and your legs stronger at the same time. There is no special equipment required except a pair of shoes and comfortable clothes. In addition, you can do it every day to burn large amounts of calories. Running also helps those suffering from depression, stress and tension.


Cycling will make you sweat a lot which means that while you ride your bike, you burn mega amount of calories. This workout increases your heart rate, works the glutes, calves and back. You may leave the car and go to work by bicycle if possible for you.

Cycling is healthy for your body and less damaging to the environment as well. You will also save a lot of money since bicycles do not need gas. If you work from home, you are stay-at-home mom, or just do not like the weather outside, the solution is to make cycling on a stationary bike at home.

You can practice all these exercises mentioned above in order to stay in perfect shape or may choose the ones you like more. The point is not to stop exercising but make it a regular part of your life. Active lifestyle equals to good health and a longer life. You can complement all these exercises with Slim & Save.


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