Reviews of Carpet Pro CPU 1T & 2T Commercial Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

Reviews of Carpet Pro CPU 1T & 2T Commercial Vacuum Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Pro CPU 1T

It is a heavy-duty carpet cleaner, offering high performance over a longer time with extra durability of metal parts. The on-board tools include a two-piece wand, crevice tool and dusting brush to aid accessibility along with the extra-long 30 ft. power cord. Tacony Corporation manufactures this sturdy carpet cleaner. It has 10 amp motor with electrostatic filtration, metal handle, bottom plate, brush roll and Teflon brush inserts.

This robust carpet cleaner earns unanimously high rating from reviewers professing to be more than happy with their purchase. The previous good names of Riccar and Simplicity are well known, although this particular model may not be so familiar, but all are produced by the same manufacturer.

In reviews about this carpet cleaner, almost all mention its amazing suction power, which along with metal brush roller, gives optimum pickup even with the most ground-in of dirt and pet hairs. Although it is bagged, the bags are very large and will go a long way without changing. The reasonable price belies the incredible durability of the unit, making it excellent value for money. Many users say that it was recommended to them by vacuum cleaner repairman.

Although sturdy and of excellent quality, it proves to be lightweight and easily maneuverable, as well as highly efficient. It is a resoundingly well recommended carpet cleaner at an affordable price

Carpet Pro CPU 2T

It is also a very sturdy upright bagged vacuum carpet cleaner built to last and provide excellent function. The on-board tools and the extendable stretch hose give additional access and a metal roller brush is designed to give extra power over a longer life. A soft furniture guard avoids damage to the furniture and paintwork.

There is nothing but good reviews out there for this sturdy and efficient vacuum carpet cleaner, although several suggest that it might be better with a choice of color other than bright yellow, but generally the opinion is that it is worth so much more than just its color. Although durable and superefficient at sucking up even the most stubborn dirt, it functions amazingly quietly.

The repairmen list it as the most reliable and durable vacuum carpet cleaner they have dealt with. Although many vacuums nowadays are bagless, there are still many consumers who prefer to remove a bag and replace it, rather than emptying a container and then clean it. For those who prefer a bagged cleaner, this could be the perfect choice, particularly for pet owners who will find the extra suction power along with selection of on-board tools, an absolute must-have. It is fairly lightweight at 18lbs, so it is easily carried upstairs. It is well recommended by users and consistently earns high ratings in each review just like Carpet Pro CPU 1T.


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