SC CHORAL RISER – Efficiency, Mobility, Durability & Safety

SC CHORAL RISER – Efficiency, Mobility, Durability & Safety

SC Choral Riser has been designed as multipurpose tool. It is durable, compact and impeccable for chorus presentations at variety of places and this is because moveable unit with casters. Choral Riser by Staging Concepts might be suitably gathered up and effortlessly trolled into store by only an individual. SC Choral Riser can be equally useful when it comes to its folding and can be easily taken away by using very little storage space and this is what makes it much easier to move away. It can be suitably retrieved and arranged in set up without wasting lots of time and without using lots of tools.

Advantages of SC Choral Riser

Though various companies are making choral risers in variety of designs, sizes and colors, the best of all are considered to be the product from Staging Concepts. You might be wondering why this is given so much importance and why people prefer it rather than others which might be much cheaper than this one. Well, SC choral risers have lots of advantages and some of them are mentioned here so you can have a better idea about it.


  • The most important benefit of SC Choral riser is that it can be very easily operated by an individual for rolling, folding and unfolding.
  • An individual can easily set up the entire riser without any difficulty and problem and the most important thing to be noted about it is that there is no need to use any kind of special tools for this purpose.
  • Use of aluminum for the formation has greatly increased the rigidity of platform which has brought quality and durability for the product for long time.


  • When it folds, the lifted is made on casters manually which bring a better transition and good position for performance and storage.
  • The use of swivel casters make sure that the maneuvering is made as easy as possible without causing any troubles.


  • One more important thing is that safety has been given much importance in the equipment and the use of rounded risers in the designs of the corners has eliminated the risk of exterior sharp edges.
  • It is lightweight and during handling process, the excessive strain is greatly decreased especially when lifting.

Final Words

If you have specific requirement for a special event, the availability of different tread surface of colors and finishes help in meeting actual needs. There are different surface options available such as unfinished plywood, painted plywood, carpet and poly vinyl. You are suggested to visit the homepage of Staging Concepts to learn more about it.


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