SEO Services near Me Katy

SEO Services near Me Katy

SEO agency

The assignment for SEO varies, everything from text to optimization of the website. Therefore, the SEO price may vary. Many agencies work solely on the basis of text processing, while others can take on the whole, which may include: the website, text, structure, links, ranking, etcetera.

Depending on what you as a customer need, the price may vary. Some agencies may charge for one-off work (one-off cost) while others work more continuously with seo services near me katy. Then it is the monthly cost that applies.

SEO price: Fixed monthly cost

Perhaps the most common method for an SEO assignment is monthly cost. The idea here is that there should be continuous SEO work, which takes place continuously every month, at a fixed SEO price. This creates security for you as a buyer as the price never changes, regardless of the number of top positions on Google.

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Here it is important that both parties agree on the agreement before the work starts! It is also important that you set goals and milestones. What should be achieved during the process?

An SEO assignment with a fixed monthly cost must also mean for you as the client, that you receive a weekly/monthly report for each keyword and assignment. If the assignment includes writing SEO-adapted blog posts, this must also be reported and maintained.

This is the pricing model we use at Kapten Reklambyrå. We care about the customer’s development. That’s why we work continuously to place all keywords and links at the top of Google, regardless of the level of search competition.

SEO price: Cost per keyword (presentation-based SEO)

This is a pricing model that is becoming increasingly common among industry peers. In a nutshell, this model involves the agency charging per keyword placed on page #1 (link 1-10 placement) for a fixed price per keyword

For example: Cycle shop Uppsala

If your link appears at the bottom of page 1 (position 10), you as a customer will pay for that position.

Some agencies also charge per DAY you appear on page 1.

Here you have to be careful as a customer. Some agencies may optimize keywords that do not have such a high search frequency. This may result in you as a client paying for keywords for which you do not receive traffic. The SEO price you do not want to compare. Be careful and do your research!

Some statistics

It is about 74% of SEO agencies that work with a fixed monthly cost. As I said, this is safer for you as a customer. The SEO price will never change, the only thing that will change is the placement of your links … higher up on Google!

There are approx. 33% SEO agencies that charge between SEK 5,000–10,000/per month for SEO tasks (complete with links, on & off page, optimization, etcetera)

For those of you who are interested in reading more statistics and comparing with in-depth data. Please visit the following link:


For you as a customer, it is important that you do your research and compare different offers. Search for the phrase seo services near me katy price to see be able to compare. The most important thing is that you have a firm grasp of what is covered in the agreement/assignment and what you have agreed on with the agency.

Dare to ask questions! Remember that SEO is not a one-way solution to increased sales. SEO is not a guarantee that you as a client will get business. When the visitors have been on the page and converted (contacted you), you as an entrepreneur must close the deal.


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