Should I Get a Bathtub or Shower?

Should I Get a Bathtub or Shower?

People are always confused whether they should get a shower or a bathtub. In this article, we are going to see a very interesting alternative to not having to opt for one or the other option. The best thing to do is to get a bathtub that can be transformed into a shower in a very simple way.

Of course, if your problem is space, this is not the perfect solution for you for the reason that the space occupied by such a model is bigger than the traditional bathtub. If your doubts are due to the difficult accessibility of the traditional bathtubs, such a model is perfect because the inclusion of the shower inside the bathroom is done giving an easy accessibility to the shower, thanks to a glass door swinging with a self-closing seal fully safe. In this way, we have a small space as a shower tray with an easy accessibility, but if we want to take a bath, the perfect closure of the system that has been incorporated ensures that we will not get even a pinch of water.

Aesthetically it is also great. With rounded shapes and a very pleasant aesthetics, it is perfect for a modern yet functional bathroom. The contemporary design of its curvature makes it perfect for it.

Finally I comment the options that you can choose. We have three measures of width between which to choose as 160,170 and 180 cm and we can also choose to place the shower on either side. In addition, you can have many other models to choose with lines less rounded and more rectilinear which present a much more discreet and elegant aesthetic.

As we see, it is not only perfect to solve the problems of accessibility, but also can be adapted to our bathroom. We can safely say that the bathtub of the future has arrived to make the decoration of the bathroom simpler.

Once you have selected the size and material of the bathtub, there are a couple more accessories that can be added for more comfortable bath.


This type of bathtub offers a bubble bath and massage in your own home. The disadvantage is its price, the system can make up to four times the bath. It is a whim that is not within reach of all pockets and must be taken into account.


It is a technique used in alternative medicine that uses the colors to cure certain diseases. Today, you can enjoy the benefits of this therapy in your home, thanks to the bathtubs and showers that incorporate it.


All bathtubs require a drain to evacuate the water. There are those that are normal drains and there are that are automatic, which allow to empty the bathtub without having to touch the water.


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