Should You Get Samsung Galaxy Tab S3?

Should You Get Samsung Galaxy Tab S3?

Using the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, it became apparent that Apple’s iPad had a fierce competitor in this tab.

The Look of the Tab

The tab looks almost the same in size and shape as the iPad. Many people might be fooled that you’re actually carrying around an iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is has almost got the same look but on closer inspection there are better features immersed in the details.

The Glass back

It might not be the most convenient when it comes to finger impressions being left behind, but the glass back give the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 a sleek and classy look which is absent in most competitor tablets. The tablet’s design is better to hold as well and it fits easily in your hands so it’s not slippery.

Getting Creative

When it comes to tabs, Samsung has been ahead of the game with a great Stylus. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 stylus with the corresponding features on the tab are best to date. They function smoothly and let the user be creative with their tab using experience.

Performance Perks

With a newer model, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has also upgraded on its processing speed. The tab has better and faster processors that function optimally. The performance speed an ability sets it almost on the top of the list alone but wait, there is more.

The Picture Quality

We all know that we use the tablets for viewing purposes. Who doesn’t like to snuggle in bed with your tablet and watch your favorite TV shows. I think that the term, Netflix and chill might have come out of that habit of many. So what does a user want from a tab for viewing? A clear, HD quality, high resolution color quality picture. Is that enough? Hell yes and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 has all of these features with superior screen material and high resolution picture quality.

Boom Power

Other than the picture quality, the one other thing that is essential to any viewer experience is the voice quality.

Input Convenience

Stylus is not the only option when it comes to input on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. This tablet comes complete with a detachable keyboard which can be used to input notes, documents and other instructions and I had been waiting for something like that. A proper keyboard for some serious input.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 is definitely gotten some attention by users and I would say that it is one of the best products that Samsung has put out to date. The price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Dubai seems reasonable compared to all the advantages that the tab is offering so I’d say go grab one right now.


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