The Beaches in South India – The Best Spots to Enjoy Holiday in South India

The Beaches in South India – The Best Spots to Enjoy Holiday in South India

Many people love to explore the world, as this is more like an adventure to them. If you are also one of them, you know that you have done yourself a favor by coming here as here we are going to tell you a lot about the different places in South India that are worth seeing, so let us tell you what you must visit in South India.

When anyone thinks about South India, you can easily picture yourself relaxing at the beaches while the cold breeze touches and soothes you body, not only this but one can also view the beach and have fun under the sun. People love coming here in holidays and at different times of the year, as in every season you get to see many different things here that are mind blowing and soothing in many different ways, so you must consider to come here and have fun. There are many tourist spots in India that you must see once in your life, as they are fascinating.

No doubt that for tourists around the world one of the most attractive places is the beach for the reason that no one can neglect relaxing on the beaches and having a good tan on their body. No doubt it is the dream of every person you know in your life. Well, when you come to South India, you know that there is a long list of beaches that will soothe your senses and will make you relaxed.

Lighthouse Beaches and Hawah Beach are the best places that you must visit, as here you will get great services with the feeling that you are with greatly in touch with the nature. At night, you can enjoy the local clubs that are here, and in the day you can enjoy on the beach with your family. If you are willing to go on a vacation with your kids, this is the right place you must come to as here you will get everything that you need to make your vacation a perfect memory for your life.

The largest and the longest beach in India is the Marina Beach, so you must consider about coming here as well. The New Year’s parties and birthday parties held here are the best of their kind. It is for sure that the beaches are the most visited tourist places in South India and you must check them out as well when you visit.

There are many reasons to visit South India, as it offers a feast for the five senses of to the tourists. South India retains its own culture and ancestral history. The most important thing we see in South India is a region characterized by its mystical sensuality, overwhelming natural beauty and proud culture. There is no problem in the southern states benefiting the tourists on their first contact with the country. You can visit many areas in one trip if you have enough time and budget. South India tourism is less exploited than northern India, so a trip to South India is a recommended option to visit for the first time the Indian subcontinent.

1 – Kerala Backwaters

It refers to a network of 9000 km² of canals, lakes and lagoons that run parallel to the state of Kerala coast and that make an amphibious world of unique beauty, a natural garden of marshes, coconut trees, rice paddies and cashews. To explore the region in a canoe or traditional kettuvalam can surprise the daily life of its inhabitants and enjoy the rural charm of small villages with their uses and customs. You can have a slow travel at the speed of 10 kms per hour to enjoy the amphibious world of this labyrinthine river network.

2 – Kathakali: India Classic Theater

Kathakali is the most authentic South Indian cultural event. It is a play with recitation and dance, themed always linked to the great epic cycles of the Ramayana and Mahabbarata, the founding text of Hinduism. The prodigious gestures, rich costumes and colorful makeup of the actors make such an unusual show as bewitching eye to the western travelers. Cochin is the city suggested to attend a performance.

3 – World Heritage of UNESCO in Tamil Nadu

South India has two gems that stand out above its varied and rich historical and artistic heritage. It is the monumental sets of Mahabalipuram and Great Living Chola Temples, both in the state of Tamil Nadu. You will admire the single monolithic rock Penance of Arjuna, or Descent of the Ganges, at Mahabalipuram which is a completely joyful experience for any art lover.

South India is absolutely a fantastic land with its unique culture, history and the mesmerizingly beautiful landscape. I bet that you will find your days very few when you are out to explore the tourist places in South India.


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