The Best Tips and Tricks for Office Cleaning

The Best Tips and Tricks for Office Cleaning

The cleaning of offices is an indispensable task in creating an optimal work environment, because a clean and orderly office favors an efficient performance of employees, reducing allergic conditions, and the spread of common seasonal diseases such as colds and flus, eliminating with daily cleaning most of the allergens and microbes. At the same time, it avoids the transfer of employees to the service, to wash the hands, or to clean the clothes.

Dust Cleaning

Let’s start with a basic idea, given the specific characteristics of this type of installation with a large number of networks and electrical devices that generate static electricity helping to install dust and dirt more easily, one of the most important tasks in cleaning of offices will be the removal of dust and dirt on surfaces such as furniture, computer equipment, and decorative items with procedures that do not generate a new suspension of dusty particles in the air. To carry out this task you must use microfibre cloths moistened with the most suitable cleaning product.

Cleaning of the Computer Equipment

For the cleaning of computers, screens, printers, photocopiers and peripherals, always use a microfibre cloth dampened slightly in some type of cleaning product with neutral pH soap.

Always keeping in mind that these products cannot be sprayed directly onto the equipment to prevent them from penetrating and wetting the internal components. Nor can you use the abrasive tools such as aluminum scouring pads or granular textured detergents that can scratch or damage the screens and other items of computer equipment.

It is also necessary to take great care of the way in which the cleaning of computers is carried out, when passing the wipe to avoid triggering the keys or switches that can start up their operations.

In any case, it is always better to make sure that the computers are disconnected from the network, and if they are laptops, the battery should be removed prior to cleaning.

Glass Cleaning

Cleaning of the glazed surfaces is also essential when it comes to maintaining the best image in office, as dust and atmospheric agents cause a thin film to be deposited that reduces the visibility through windows, and also reduces the entrance of natural light to which are added the possible fingerprints, which, if not removed constantly, produce a feeling of abandonment.

The cleaning of windows and glazed surfaces must be carried out using clean glass products, water and suitable accessories such as special wipes, sponges, rackets and blades or scrapers.


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