The Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

The Empire Axe Paintball Gun Review

Empire Axe paintball gun is the first class paintball gun which retails for $350 on the market. This model is very much like the other high-end guns such as Tippmann and a few others. When you use it, you will realize it is, in fact, quite grander than the others in a number of aspects. In this post, we will take a detailed look at the specifications as well as pros and cons of Empire Axe paintball gun.

When we analyze this model by Empire Axe, it is better that we begin with the shooting performance. The Empire Axe paintball gun lest you fire in a very easy and the correct manner. You can rattle off the shots in an even order without having any sort of needless delays at all. Its operating pressure is additionally low and it contains an exceptional anti-chop style eyes which allow the player to shoot the delicate paint. There are a lot of users who have stated that they can go with more than 5,000 paintballs with it and there will be no break at the single one. It carries quite a number of diverse firing styles such as Millenium, PSP and semi ramping. The extensive variety of the shooting modes is quite more than a player will ever require in the game, bearing in mind the fact that most of the fields allow the semi-auto only. In other words, it is a tremendously fun paintball gun to use in the game and shoot with a variety of styles.

If we talk about consistency, it gives between +-3 and +-5 on the chronograph. As it’s extraordinarily reliable, a player can bring it on the field with an absolute peace of mind; even the trigger of Empire Axe paintball gun is much greater than several other paintball gun. Empire Axe allows the player to fire the shots at a rapid pace and the player will not experience any gaps between the shots. And, in fact, this is particularly stress-free to make the shots with swiftness if you use the modes of ramping and semi shooting. You will have a plenty of space between frontal grip and trigger guard and it makes the shooting a greatly modest procedure. When it’s in semi-mode, you can easily put two fingers of yours under trigger guard and use it with comfort, actually, you can put three fingers under while your index finger will rest on trigger which you can adjust in four diverse positions; in addition, there is a micro-switch activation point as well. All things considered, it works at the high level on consistent basis. In short, you can rely on Empire Axe paintball gun fully when you enter the field.

It feels remarkably when it is in your hands. It is stress-free to lift for the reason that it has light weight and a roomy frame to fit a variety of the sizes of hands, so you can run around for a longer time carrying it without having the feeling of heaviness or exhausted due to the weight of the gun. As a paintball player, you know very well that it is a great point in your favor when you are on the field since sometimes paintball turns out to be a game of extreme strength, patience and swiftness. With Empire Axe paintball gun, you will be able to jump, dive and crawl with great self-confidence for the reason that its loader wouldn’t slip off at all. It also has feedneck which holds it very tightly and the loader always remains strongly attached. On the whole, Empire Axe is a great paintball gun have the best performance in the game as you will be able to shoot with comfort, rapidity and precision.


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