The Evolution of Watching Movies Online

The Evolution of Watching Movies Online

Online movies seem to be winning the battle. The DVD format transits the path to extinction, to the point that the new Apple MacBook Air computer does not have DVD drive, signaling that this innovative company, except for collectors, the DVD will be in the past and will not make sense to perceive a movie on our hands, already achieved with an Internet connection to enjoy the content.
Computers, telephones, televisions, Google TV, game consoles and DVD movies online streaming provide the ability to watch movies, concerts and TV shows instantly. Just enough to have one of these devices even a simple old PC with an Internet connection.

In fact, a study by Sandvine suggests that about 50% of Internet users in the United States, in rush hour, are looking at some kind of online entertainment i.e. movies, shows, series, concerts and videos. 

What are the deals when it comes to search and choose? Is it worthwhile to pay per month, per film or try to get them for free? On-demand movies offer a great combination of possibilities.

When the only option for a movie was going to the movies or renting it at Blockbuster or any neighborhood video store, with the ghost of surcharges being bound to afternoon return, Netflix revolutionized the industry with films mail system, i.e. assemble a list, receive in the mailbox in order of priority, return them in the most convenient date and receive the next on the list.

Blockbuster after in bankruptcy in September 2010 was acquired by Dish Network in April 2011 and was forced to offer the same model of movies by mail, although not with the same success. To return to differentiate and better futuristic vision, Netflix took the first step of a new revolution, offering online movies and a reduced monthly rotating part of its catalog. For it was only necessary to have a computer with Internet access.  The success was such that Netflix expanded the online catalog and now offers a more affordable monthly subscription, only without access to online movie DVDs. Blockbuster, again running from behind, began offering its service for on-demand movies. And so also joined the giant Amazon Instant Video, Apple iTunes and YouTube Movies. So did the electronics retailer BestBuy with CinemaNow, Microsoft with Zune movies, and NBC, Fox and Walt Disney Studios with Hulu.


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