The Journey of Bags in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

The Journey of Bags in Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries

Bags in Nineteenth Century

Years passed and the nineteenth century arrived with great changes. The appearance of the train caused a revolution in transport and thus also the type of luggage would be required to travel on it. It is certainly not the same horse travel by train, the distances traveled would be longer and therefore more clothing would be required. The first luggage bags were made in gender and although they were spacious, the design was not elegant nor comfortable to wear. In 1854, the French Louis Vuitton took a chance and created a trunk with strong profiles of iron and gender made waterproof. From that moment, Louis Vuitton became the owner of the elegant luggage.

At this time women wanted more freedom and mobility, so they needed a bag in which they could carry more than powder for the face or a small bottle of perfume. In addition, large department stores had already made their triumphant debut in Europe and the United States. Designers like Gucci, Prada and Louis Vuitton took the same design luggage bag on a smaller scale, but still sharing some details of structure and accessories, to give a bag ideal for horseback hand stores.

Bags in Twentieth Century

When the new century began, it faded away from the illusion of perfect accessory bag and continued to rise steadily, falling further into the heart of women. It was in the 1900s when it first emerged as recognized in the fashion world as Prada and Fendi, among other names, names that today continue to reap sighs with each pass of the last and recent models of bag.

Bags in 1920s

The 1920s were the years of the revolution in many terms, and also in fashion. The clutches with their typical geometric designs of the time were the favorites of women at the time. Times were changing and freedom in terms of clothing could be seen in little things such as the bag was no longer combined exactly with the outfit that is worn at the time. The clutch represented everything that was the woman in the 20s, a woman with new energy and leadership, elegant and simply defined silhouettes, a woman who was not afraid to express their personality through clothing.

Today, we can find a lot of brands and I recommend you to try Hermes Birkin handbags as they are stylish as well as comfortable.

There are bags that, although time passes and new trends emerge, remain the protagonists season after season. Sometimes it is worth thinking about investing a little time in our choice before buying a bag. There are a few essential types and colors of bags that you should not miss in your closet.

The Black Bag

When we talk about colors in bags, you cannot find a black bag missing in the closet of a woman.

The Shopping Bag

It is one type of bag and is available in large square or rectangular shape. It mainly takes over the shoulder, thanks to its straps. Its handles help in carrying big things and even weight without losing style and comfort.

Tote Bag

It is quite similar to the shopping bag, but it is more structured and has shorter handles.

Hobo Bag

To have a more bohemian and casual look, you cannot miss this one. 

Crossbody Bag

This bag is essential for the reason that it is very versatile and combines functionality and fashion. It is ideal for concerts and festivals or crowded spaces.


Backpack are needed for the most adventurous practices.


It is like a handbag and used for formal occasions or to go to the office. You can take advantage of all its interior departments.


You can also treat yourself and add to the list a mini clutch bag for style to carry on special occasions, more formal events or parties.


Bandoliers emerge as a key accessory. In this case, the rounded silhouettes, flattened bags and a single strap predominate. The textures are especially leather and suede with matt or gloss finishes.

Wide Belt Bag

Classic handbag straps take on wider forms and are reinforced for stability. This bag is easier to carry, and there are no marks on the shoulders due to excessive weight. In addition, the belts are highlighted in other colors to create contrasts.

Fur Bags

In fall and winter, you will feel more rebellious and adventurous with furry bags. There are several models of this style and colors. There are furry bags that you can carry in hand or shoulder. It is Cool if you are looking for a touch of extravagance, but without going over.

Anyway, with this list and an average budget, you can have a lot of functionality and cover combinations. Now you just have to renew your wardrobe to have your bag for daily and occasional use.


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