The Overview of Virabhadrasana

The Overview of Virabhadrasana

This position marks the archetype of the spiritual warrior. Virabhadra is the name of a mythical warrior of the Indian tradition, an avatar of Lord Shiva with a thousand heads, a thousand eyes and a thousand feet. This powerful figure evokes qualities as mental and physical strength, courage and ability to act. It also gives us vitality, determination and focus.

All varieties of warriors have the power to stimulate the lower three chakras, related to our individuality and our material being and balanced operation which is essential to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Among its spiritual benefits include inner balance, the connection with the body, interior flexibility and personal power. The lower chakras in balance are essential to our overall growth and development of more spiritual and high qualities. Every aspect of our being is important; the warrior archetype gives us what we need to face our inner battles.

How is it is done?

  • Stand in Tadasana yoga pose and spread your legs a meter or 1.2 meters, depending on your height.
  • Raise your arms on each side of the body and let stand, parallel to the floor with the palms down and fingers together and stretched.
  • Turn the left foot slightly to the right about 45 degrees and the left also to the right 90 degrees with heels of both feet aligned.
  • Keep the left leg straight and firm. Rotate the torso to the right fully to 90 degrees, ensuring your hips are perfectly square to the front with back straight.
  • Seek stability in your feet and ankles. In the next exhalation, bend your knee so that your thigh should make a 90 degree angle with the floor and your calf is perpendicular. Take care that your knee is not beyond your ankle.
  • Make sure your hip is well square to the front and that was not open to the left. Stretch your arms above your head, perpendicular to the ground, fingers stretched toward the ceiling and hold the position.
  • Direct your eyes to the tip of your fingers. Your hips should be firm to your right and your shoulders over your hips. Open the chest, stretching over your spine. Feel the support of your left foot and firm connection between your legs and your torso.
  • Stay for 30 seconds, breathing deeply, feeling how you connect with the earth.
  • To exit the position, return the arms to each side of the body, stretching the right leg, rotate your torso back to the front and repeat the same process in the opposite direction.


This position offers different possibilities with your arms. A variation is clasping palms or fingers interlacing, leaving two fingers stretched.


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