The Possible Options of Accommodation in Barcelona

The Possible Options of Accommodation in Barcelona

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is located in northeastern Spain, a short distance from France and the Pyrenees. The city has a population of 1,700,000 inhabitants, the most populous city in Spain after Madrid. The metropolitan area of ​​Barcelona is made up of 36 municipalities with a total population of 3,300,000 inhabitants. In Barcelona there are two official languages known as Castilian and Catalan.

Barcelona, despite its popularity, offers many expensive as well as cheap option for accommodation, so you can find great accommodation at very good prices. Most shelters and hostels in Barcelona offer beds in dormitories between 10 and 15 euros. Let’s see what option you can have in Barcelona.

Apartments in Barcelona

Tourist apartments have increasingly accepted and have become a good alternative to hotels. Renting an apartment in Barcelona is a good alternative to hotels, especially if you find a hotel that suits your needs and budget. In Barcelona, there are a lot of individuals who rent apartments for days at very competitive prices. This option allows you to enjoy more space and an apartment to your own advantages and freedom. You can see a good selection of apartments that are offered on many websites online where you can book apartments from anywhere in the world at very affordable prices.


If you travel alone or in groups and want to stretch the budget to the maximum in Barcelona, there are beds available whose price start from €10 in the central areas.

Campsites in Barcelona

Catalonia is one of the regions of Spain with more and better campsites. You can take a look at this type of accommodation as well if you are seeking an adventurous trip in Barcelona.

Hotels in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most visited place by tourists in the world and as such you will not be short of options whatever your tastes or your budget are when it comes to find the best area to stay in Barcelona. It has hundreds of affordable and luxurious hotels. Their prices are much more affordable than other premier tourist cities like Paris, London or Rome. You can find pretty decent little hotels around 50 euros if you do not mind being a little away from the center.

Barcelona gets a lot of tourists, especially during the months of better weather. In these months if you want to find great deals, it is necessary to book well in advance. If you do not get ready to scratch your pocket or stay with poorer quality hotels.

The Gothic Quarter and the Born

Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter is one of the largest and best preserved medieval areas of Europe. It is the oldest part of the city, and a maze of medieval courtyards, streets, hidden squares and the Cathedral.

This neighborhood is full of small craft shops, designer boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants and has plenty of nightlife, especially around the Royal Plaza. It is one of the most charming areas of Barcelona and one of the most sought after place to stay.

El Raval

El Raval occupies the opposite side of the Gothic Quarter and Las Ramblas. A few years ago, it was a rather depressed and dangerous area. However, in the recent years, it has followed a very important urban plan of recovery and has improved a lot. Although there are safer nearby neighborhoods, the security level is acceptable and you may not have any harm if you use common sense. In fact, it is a busy area because it has interesting offers to go drinking. In the El Raval, the MACBA Museum and the famous Boqueria market are located.


Formerly, it was a fishing district, dejected, dirty and dangerous like El Raval but it has also undergone a major facelift since the Olympic Games in Barcelona. Today Barceloneta is a neighborhood on the rise in which you can walk without facing any problems. You can find a lot of cafes, bars and new restaurants which make it the best area to stay in Barcelona. It has mesmerizing beaches and is quite busy in summer, but it is a surely a very important point to consider.

The Olympic Village

This area was the great urban bet in Barcelona for the Olympic Games. In its strategy to change the face of the city and develop the seaside, this area was the star of the deepest urban change in the city. Today, it is a green, modern and stylish neighborhood which is very well connected where you can enjoy the beach, and where it is always pleasant have a walk alone or with friends. It has many lovely restaurants and is one of the areas with more nightlife of Barcelona.

The hotels are modern. The Olympic Village is bigger than the other areas with comfortable access to many of the swimming pools it has. It is one of the best places to stay in Barcelona, especially in summer.


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