The Process Of Designing The Trending Tshirts

The Process Of Designing The Trending Tshirts

The process of creating a design or illustration for a tshirt is very similar whether it is a digital work or an analogue, since I always start working on an initial sketch, which can be very close to the final work or go completely away.

Starting from an initial basic idea, I do and I redo the tshirt design on paper or in Photoshop until it adjusts to what I want to convey. Once I do, I am going to clean it with a new sheet of a thickness appropriate to the technique to be used later to color the image or, if it is in digital, working in a new layer above the previously sketched in Photoshop. The color is then added in several layers.

In the case of a tending tshirt or a long work, I work in small notebooks of size A5 due to being easy to transport and to handle anywhere on which I give shape to the history previously treated and its corresponding action through the story of the same storyboard, regardless of whether the final form of work of the same will be digital or analog. In either case, a working methodology similar to the one explained above with respect to the illustrations and designs would be carried out.

I have always argued that life is the best thing that happens to you, and I consider it to be my great source of inspiration or designing tending tshirts. The small details, the contradictions of the day to day or the own human being in its simplest nature is undoubtedly a true mine of ideas.

I, therefore, believe that it is important to be aware of life itself and the facts that accompany it both on a small and large scale, for it is that brief but sincere analysis of ourselves which then allows us to make great reflections on the basis of a smile.

In future, I want to be able to launch myself into this great little world of trending tshirt designs. It would be fantastic, no doubt. I would love to be able to staple basic garments such as standard short sleeve tshirts, sweatshirts, as well as bags and backpacks. Regarding the stamping system I have always had a special affection for serigraphy for the reason that it is fun and magical to me in a way and I think it would fit my job. To be a tshirt designer, you have to be faithful and sincere with yourself and your public potential, and not be afraid of change. Evolving and growing is something natural and inherent to the human being, so why not enjoy it and let go.


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