The Reasons to Use a Smokeless Ashtray

The Reasons to Use a Smokeless Ashtray

Aside from any health issues, one of the biggest problems associated with smoking is the smoke itself. The smoke of cigar and cigarette has a strong smell that can cling to your home, the area of your work or even in the car. Not only that, but if you are smoking in a room full of people, it can bother the others who are sensitive to the smoke.

One solution to the problem of cigarette smoke in enclosed spaces is to use a smokeless ashtray. These nifty devices use a fan for suction of the smoke and clean it, thus, keeping it out of the air. This cuts down on the secondhand smoke for the people around you and it also helps to keep the smoke in your home or car to a minimum.

The question is ‘Does a smokeless ashtray help you get rid of all the smoke that is created when smoking?’ Unfortunately, the answer is no. The fan in the ashtray is only powerful enough to suck the smoke in when the cigarette is sitting in the ashtray. It means that when you lift the cigarette to your mouth or take a drag and blow it out, the smoke will still enter the room. However, it does significantly reduce the amount of smoke created by smoking. It is encouraging to use the smokeless ashtray as even cutting the smoke in a confined space by half or more can have a big impact.

One of the best things about smokeless ashtrays is that they are incredibly cheap. In fact, they often do not cost much more than a regular ashtray. Based on it, most of the people find that a smokeless ashtray is a good investment. They come in a bunch of different styles, shapes, sizes and types. You should browse around the shopping area and choose the perfect one for your home, office or car today

For a lot of smokers, the secondhand smoke is one of the biggest health concerns associated with the habit of smoking. The secondhand smoke carries many similar risks to a person’s health as the act of smoking itself. A smokeless ashtray is the most important product you can have in your home to help get rid of the risk of secondhand smoke cigarette, cigar and tobacco pipe smoke in your home or in your work area. I have been using a smokeless ashtray in my bedroom, where I do most of my cigarette smoking and have noticed that the odor of the cigarettes has been greatly reduced.

Most of the smokeless ashtrays contain an activated charcoal filter and a fan which is powered by 2 size C batteries to make sure that the smoke from the lighted tip of a cigarette, cigar or pipe stays inside the ashtray and avoids filling the air.

A smokeless ashtray would be great for home parties and poker night when there are a lot of smokers in the place. You can keep the smokeless ashtray on the table near where most of the smokers will be hanging around all through the night and no one else in the house will be affected by the smoke of your guests. The smokeless ashtrays are designed to accommodate cigars, cigarettes and pipes of all the sizes and types. It is recommended that you clean the filter of your preferred smokeless ashtray at least once a week after heavy usage.


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