The Rise Of Substance Abuse And Need Of Addiction Detox And Recovery Programs

The Rise Of Substance Abuse And Need Of Addiction Detox And Recovery Programs

The usage of specific substances to attain the desired state has been in effect for hundreds of years. Even primitive cultures have been known to use natural hallucinogens in an effort to connect to a spiritual world. The face of substance abuse is constantly changing as availability, purity and political climates change, and more synthetic drugs are being developed. Lucky for us, methods of addiction detox and recovery to fight the addictive effects of these substances have also progressed as research is done to find the most effective treatments.

Alcohol currently has the highest rate of dependence and abuse among drugs. It is also one of the most dangerous to abruptly stop. Because of this, heavily dependent users of alcohol should always detox under professional care. Following this, many choose to enter a recovery program. Such programs have been shown to be beneficial in teaching coping methods to use in replacement of alcohol and building a social support network.

The next most commonly used illicit drug in the United States currently is marijuana. Some consider marijuana to be a gateway drug as more than half of new illicit drug users begin with marijuana. Discounting the use of addictive drugs abruptly can cause nervousness, restlessness, sleep disruption and appetite changes. If these symptoms are severe, one may benefit from an inpatient detox program where they can be provided with specific care and prescription drugs to help ease these symptoms.

Another drug that is on the rise is methamphetamine. Reasons for this are the ability to make it with common household items and that it induces a significant high for relatively cheap.

Heroin is also a dangerously addictive drug that is available with the risk of fatal overdose and contracting an infectious disease from the use of shared needles. A lot of people may find their way to heroin through the use of other opiates, including OxyContin. While OxyContin prices are going sky high, users are turning to heroin for a cheaper fix. Heroin users are most commonly under 25, and as they make the transition from prescription painkillers to heroin, the overdose rates rise. If the addict discounts the opiate use all of a sudden, it can cause extreme withdrawal effects, but these effects can be managed under supervision with replacement prescription aids.

The use of hallucinogens has remained relatively steady, and cocaine use has actually dropped. The young are the most susceptible to substance abuse as 23.1% of 18-20-year-olds are reported to have used drugs, but drug use has also increased in people in their fifties.

If you are looking for addiction detox and recovery for your loved ones, consider their willingness to admit that they have an addiction problem. If the person is still in denial, he or she may need the help of an intervention. An intervention involves family and friends confronting the addict regarding his or her behavior and committing to stop all enabling behaviors. Some facilities also have specialists available who can help facilitate an intervention to force the addict to take his or her substance abuse seriously. If your loved one attends treatment without realizing the severity of his or her situation, he or she may only remain in the addiction detox and recovery facility for a few days, whereas professionals will further advise you regarding an intervention.


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