The Role Of Wrap Around And Strip In Packaging

The Role Of Wrap Around And Strip In Packaging

Wrap Around

It is called wrap around packaging of corrugated cardboard that folds around the product being closed laterally by four short flaps. It is the model commonly used for transporting bricks (of milk, juice, etc.), tiles and, to a lesser extent, bottles (for example, wine).

Delivery in sheet form stamped which have only been practiced transverse and longitudinal slots inevitably requires the packaging of products is made on automatic lines.

The wrap around packaging is less resistant than the cardboard box, so it is suitable for self-supporting products. The packaging manufacturer receives the background and uses automatic lines for product packaging. Introduction systems are mainly the following;

Packaging Side

The machine forms the front and back walls of the package. Then, the product after being grouped from the lateral slides there within. Finally, the lid is closed and the side flaps and gluing tab stick.

Superior Packaging

The packaging base is formed and one or more arms with suction system are introduced inside products. It is an appropriate system for breakable containers such as cans or glass bottles or products in flexible packaging.


A strip is a continuous strip of material used in industry as a raw material in the transport of goods for securing loads and construction as the fixing element. Materials and dimensions vary its scope. In some countries, the strip is known as band or seal, although the use of these terms is not universal.


  • Metal strip non-ferrous can be copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, aluminum, etc.
  • Ferrous metal strip can be steel or iron and may have surface treatments to prevent corrosion
  • Plastic strip can be PVC, polypropylene or polyester


For Industry

In manufacturing, its use is in the manufacture of parts, especially where the production process requires the continuous entry of material.

For Transport

In portering the strap, it is used to secure the goods or packaging.

For this application single metal strip originally was used but during the twentieth century, with developments in the industrial processing of plastic the use of the metal strip has been gradually moving to the plastic band in certain packaging applications.

The metal strip is still used when a higher tensile strength is required than that offered in plastic strapping. To close the strip in the packaging operation a metal or in any case for heat sealing plastic straps buckle is used.

For Construction

In the construction it is often used as a clamp for holding various items such as cables, signs, pipes, metal structures, etc. For these applications usually steel strip is used.


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