The Steps to Clean Your Suede Leather Boots

The Steps to Clean Your Suede Leather Boots

Dust of the leather boot using a clean toothbrush or a suede brush. Ensure that you have covered every part of the shoe. Leaving out some dust before cleaning will interrupt the whole process pencil eraser can be improvised to act as a stain remover and it works quite effectively. In case there are stubborn stains, use an emery board to sand them off. Be gentle with the whole process so that you do not damage them.

Secondly get your suede brush, to ensure a clean suede leather boot, use the appropriate brush. Using the brush, brush the shoe in a specific direction and this will help in restoring its desired nap.

If your leather boots are wet, you need to dry them using a dry towel. Use some clean rags or newspapers to stuff the suede leather boots; this is a natural way of drying your leather boots. Avoid putting them out in the sun as this will damage them over time.

A suede waterproof product will be great if the leather boot has stains. Get a suede cleaner of your choice, shake it well, you can choose to use a cloth to apply the suede, or you can spray it directly onto the leather boot. Ensure that all the surfaces of your leather boots have been covered with the suede leather boot cleaner.

Using another clean piece of cloth, wipe away the excess suede that might have spilled on the sole or other areas adjacent to the body of the shoe. Leave it out to dry, this should not take long. It should be for a few minutes only. This is because; suede shoes should not be left under the sun for long.

What are the advantages of cleaning your suede leather boots?

There are so many advantages to having clean suede leather boots. Just like any other kinds of shoes, keeping the shoe clean maintains it and makes it look better among other lists of advantages.

  • Clean suede shoes make the individual look more attractive
  • Cleaning maintains the texture and color of the leather boot.
  • With the reliable and top leather cleaners, one can enhance the way the leather boot looks, as it looks shinier and sharp.
  • The life span of the shoe increases, despite how old it gets the features will still remain the same.
  • Avoid using hard brushes just because they can serve the same purpose as your suede brush. Too much scratching can reduce the soft feel of sued and make it look uneven.

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