The Tips for Regrouting Shower

The Tips for Regrouting Shower

When shower grout start getting dirty and moldy it needs your quick attention. It could be due to some mishandling at the time of installation or lack of your attention. Some many years old shower tiles look like new and some a year old seems installed 50 years ago. If the grout of your shower is losing, you don’t need to replace it altogether but regrouting shower is another option.

Grout is usually installed in between the tiles. Sometimes it starting falling due to some water leakage behind the tiles and damage of tile backer board. In this case regrouting shower is necessary. But sometimes we use regrouting shower just to give it a new appearance.

Regrouting is the process in which we remove the existing grout out of the space and install the new one. There are many ways to regrout and recaulk the shower one is given under, an easiest one.

First of all, decide your grout color, which matches to the tile of your shower and suits the whole combination. After that clean up your shower tiles with any suitable product and scrub pad that do not scratch your tiles. Mold, rust or soap scum should be removed and cleaned thoroughly before starting regrouting process. Any steam cleaning machine could also prove to be helpful.

The next important step is to clean the old grout out of your shower tiles. Use a sharp tool to lose the grout and remove it but make sure that you are not scratching or damaging the tiles. After removing it clean the space between tiles with a brush so as to make a firm base for new grout.

Now clean up all the mess around you to avoid any disturbance. There may be some mold or wetness so dry the walls and floor before regrouting shower. Never apply grout on wet walls because it will not set in the place.

If you want to replace any damaged tile, do it now.

Now it is time to apply your grout. It is better not to use any ready to use products because they may be of inferior quality. Purchase your grout powder by yourself and mix it according to the prescription given by seller.

Use a grout float and apply grout evenly between the spaces. Fill the joints and remove the excess. With a grout sponge wipe of the tile floor and walls to clean it. The grout takes some time usually 72 hours to cure. Now use a professional sealer to protect your grout from mold and stains. You can see here that regrouting shower is rather easy than you think.


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