The Types of Bags You Need to Know

The Types of Bags You Need to Know

If you want to master the jargon of the trendiest bags, there goes the list of names of bags.

Shopping Bag or Shopper

Undoubtedly, the shopping bag or shopper is the maxi bag par excellence. It is a bag to carry everything you need throughout the day. Ideally, you have zipper closures and departments for different accessories to keep. Also, if the bag is made of durable materials and good finishes, you will have a lifetime bag. It is your best ally to challenge the day, great for shopping and go saving your new acquisitions and also to go to work.

Hobo Bag

This shoulder bag is characterized by its design without structure. It has a wide handle part of the bag’s body. It is always with rounded shapes at the bottom and it is becoming narrower as you move up to the shoulder. The width of the strip allows better distribution of the weight of the contents of the bag.

Shoulder or Crossbody Bag

The crossbody bag is intended to provide a casual, trendy and chic look. This type of bag is named after the way it takes, on the shoulder and crossed if you wish. It is big enough without falling into the XL bags, and therefore it is very comfortable as sometimes to find something, you almost have to dive inside. Also, you can wear it with different styles.

Handbag, Pouch or Clutch

The clutch or handbags do not carry a chain or handle which take them to the shoulder. They are carried in hand. According to their shapes, they may be rounded but the most popular are the kind of rectangular. They began as tiny bag models designed for evening events or parties. Normally, they are characterized by carrying inlays or materials in bright finishes. However, currently they are being manufactured in countless sizes and materials, and are even carried in the day.

The pouch is very similar to clutch. Although it is also a very small handbag, its origin stems from the accessories of makeup or travel kits. Many women brought the clutch to the events of the morning or afternoon and it is when the pouch was born. As a single solution for these occasions, they are flat lining in textile and carry a chain to hang from the wrist.


Its origin comes from the sport of bowling, referring the bags used to go bowling. At the base, they are bags with flat seams and have rounded shapes. There are always two short handles, although some designers include therein a longer handle for hanging on the shoulder. Arguably bowling bag is a big bag, perfect to wear in day and a ‘casual’ look.

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The bags not only serve as a helpful tool to carry many of our important things like car keys, cell phone, a pocket size mirror, lipstick, etc. but they also have become a symbol of fashion. With the passage of time, the bags have been minimized to a great extent and we can see the use of many other materials as well. Let’s have a look what we have in bags now.


In a season characterized by fun and flashy style in clothing and accessories, the bags are not far behind and complement any outfit with a touch of boldness, detail and color.

Design Detail

Whether to wear at night or for the day, a characteristic shared by these lovely bags is the degree of detail in their designs. There is something for all tastes and, no doubt, for all occasions. From elaborate designs, even the simplest combinations, each bag is a perfect accessory.


This thick and rough fiber that has long been reserved for use in beach bags, now reappears in a more elegant way, lining the outside of bags in infinite combinations and designs, where the most prevalent are the geometric patterns or intricate interlacing fibers.


As always, the leather is present in bags, for both day and night. Most viewed is its use in wristlets or foldover models. As for colors, pastels predominate characteristic shades of the season, but they are also using black and white classics and stronger colors, which also rage in the season. For evening, the leather in metallic colors is an inescapable accent.


The embroidery can be seen for both day and night. For the day, tribal or funny embroidered hippie chic inundate the bags. For evening, sparkles, sequins or shiny stones, combined in geometric designs or elegant floral embroidery, will be the kings of the season.


It is present in almost all designs, either in the form of closure, in very thin chains to alternative to bring about on shoulder and buckles that, besides fulfilling the function of closing the bag, they are also themselves a detail of design.


While what defines a bag is for the day or night, it is mainly design and materials and colors with which it was made, the fact is that some structures are definitely for the day and others for night. The foldover comfy is the main bag chosen to accompany during the course of the day, because, while space is limited, the structure of the foldover gives us a little more space to store our core items.

In the case of night, a very strong trend is the minaudière. These little boxes have something magical. They are themselves an elegant and captivating gems that allow only to take what is necessary. They are surely one of the most admired in your wardrobe accessories.


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