Things to Consider When Cleaning an Office

Things to Consider When Cleaning an Office

A clean and tidy office is the first business card to the clients, to whom we have to offer an impeccable image that transmits quality and excellence in our business.

Disinfection of Telephones

In the cleaning of telephones, it is necessary to perform an adequate disinfection of headphones that are very direct sources of virus transmission to avoid the contagion among the users.

Cleaning of Decorative Objects

The decorative objects should be considered especially for the cleaning and care like lamps, paintings, figures, etc., which are normally found in offices. Most of them simply need dusting or a wipe with a damp cloth.

Cleaning of the Bins

Another daily task in the cleaning of offices is the removal and replacement of the bags from the bins, cleaning the container with a detergent or suitable product.

Floor Cleaning

The disinfection and cleaning of carpeted floors and upholstered surfaces of chairs, armchairs and other types of seats is highly important because they are more or less absorbent materials, and tend to retain the dust and dirt more easily.

To remove the dust daily, use a powerful vacuum cleaner as required, set the frequency to use other cleaning procedures like dry foam cleaning system or washing machining with injection-extraction machines.

For cleaning of marble, terrazzo or granite floors, remove the stains and dust with a cotton mop, scrub with a microfiber mop and a neutral product dissolved in water to avoid damaging them and enhance their natural brightness.


Toilets also need a daily cleaning in the maintenance of offices, as they are being frequented visited by different users, which makes it necessary to carry out disinfection to avoid health problems.

Cleaning of toilets must be carried out with disinfectant products such as bleach or ammonia cleaner, suitable for the composition of the appliances.

It is also common to take care of emptying of containers of waste and the replacement of consumable materials like toilet paper or hand soap.

Ventilation Ducts

In case of a large space, it is very important to maintain a cleaning of ventilation ducts and air conditioning in the case of centralized air conditioning services, as it is necessary to eliminate the formation of bacteria and other microorganisms that can proliferate in the interior of these facilities, spreading in a generalized way, causing diseases among workers and visitors.

Use of Air Fresheners

The last task after closing all the windows that were opened to air at the beginning of cleaning is the application of air fresheners, which complete the feeling of cleanliness and neutralize any kind of unpleasant smell.

It is also essential to have several cleaning shifts to ensure that the facilities maintain the best cleaning and hygiene conditions at all times.


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