Tips for Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Easily & Avoid Frequent Maintenance

Tips for Cleaning & Conditioning Leather Easily & Avoid Frequent Maintenance

The genuine leather products need to be cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis to last for long period of time. There are several brands of the top leather conditioners designed for different types of leather products and, in general, you can use them on all of your genuine leather products which may include couches, chairs, car interiors, purses, clothing and shoes. 

How do you know if you have real leather?

These days it can be hard to tell if it’s real, so you should look for genuine leather stamp. If the stamp is not there, check the product label.  If no luck, try the touch test.  The touch test works by pressing the leather and if it creates lines out from where you are touching vs. staying smooth, it is real leather. Be sure to test all the leather pieces on a chair or couch as often the seat and front of the chair will be genuine leather but the back of the chair is not.

Another way is to look closely at the appearance of the leather, and you will see that the fake leather is really smooth. Since the genuine leather is skin, it has aberrations and is not uniform. Once you have determined your piece is leather, you need the best leather conditioner to rejuvenate your piece.

Suede leather is used primarily for jackets and footwear and the nature of these garments as well as the texture of the material entail that keeping clean suede leather is quite challenging. However, suede is also used, even though less frequently on upholstery and furniture.

In spite of its more sensitive texture, suede is a popular choice for the reason that its appearance and feel resemble the softness of the velvet. What is even more of a nuisance regarding suede is that whenever scuffs begin to develop, they constitute the ideal place for dirt to gather in buildups that seem nearly impossible to clean.

The frequent cleaning of the leather means that the suede leather will lose its velvety appearance over time, which is something that you will want to prevent. The porous nature of suede means that it is quite prolific in absorbing water, which in time causes the fabric to exhaust its suppleness. While it is easy to keep an indoors leather couch from getting wet, for example, the same does not apply for the suede shoes, jackets or hats.


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