Tips for Selling a Used Louis Vuitton Wallet

Tips for Selling a Used Louis Vuitton Wallet

Currently one of the articles on the rise of the secondhand market is the luxury wallet by with Louis Vuitton being one of the best known. And it is that every day there are more and more people decide for the purchase of one of these products, as this way they save a significant amount of money.

With so much demand for this type of wallet, without a doubt, it is a very good time to get rid of that Louis Vuitton wallet that you no longer use in order to earn some money. That is why, in today’s post we show you some interesting tips, so that you can sell your Louis Vuitton secondhand wallet with success.

When it comes to selling any Louis Vuitton wallets, it is important to look at various aspects to improve both your selling price and your selling odds. And for this, you must take into account some advice and recommendations and here are the most important ones.

Determine the Exact Model

Obviously not all Louis Vuitton wallets are the same, so it is important that you know the model of yours. If it is already a few years old, you may not find the model on the official website of Louis Vuitton. Try to navigate secondhand portals in search of the same one as yours.

Clean Its Exterior And Interior Well

To increase the chances of sale and at the best possible price, it is essential that Louis Vuitton bag is perfectly clean. Do not forget to clean it both outside and inside. Do not forget to clean each and every pocket internally.

Advertisements And Quality Photographs

In the event that you decide to publish an advertisement for sale on the internet, it is essential that your ads are of quality. Do not forget that you are trying to sell a luxury item. Your ads must be spelled correctly. Photographs must also be made with a good camera and perfectly lit. Our recommendation is that you make several photos, both outside and inside the wallet. Do not forget that a white photo background will help to highlight the product.

Condition and Price

The better the visual condition of the wallet, the more likely it is to sell. Be objective in the actual state of conservation and set your selling price according to its state. When it comes to putting a ‘competitive’ price, it may be interesting to look for your own purse in any of the websites or secondhand websites to see what price is in the market.

Certificate Of Authenticity

Being a luxury wallet and predictably high price, the potential buyer may have doubts about its authenticity. Therefore, if you have the original certificate of authenticity, do not forget to deliver it next to the wallet. If you have it, you should also indicate it in all your ads and make it visible in any of the product pictures.

Facilitate The Payment

How much more facilities you offer the buyer to pay you? The most used payment methods are Bank Transfer, Cash Back, PayPal and cash payment.

Specialized Stores

A very good way to increase the chances of selling your Louis Vuitton wallet is to surf the internet in search of websites or secondhand portals specialized in buying and selling luxury items. In this way, you will be able to advertise your sales ad and reach an audience interested in products of this type.


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