Tips For Using The Basic Tshirt Right Way

Tips For Using The Basic Tshirt Right Way

Nowadays we have fashion lists of all kinds, the list of the essential clothes, the garment and accessories of the season, shoes, the biggest tendencies of the year, even of which we may not use all. This post is about an item that is above the lists and formulas being so versatile, the basic tshirt, the simple and inexpensive companion that fits in all looks in one way or another.

It is interesting to note that not always the basic tshirt has been so high, there is something about 10 years the prints took over the men’s fashion and many people came to touch the gray or white tshirts, favoring models where silk-screen dominated. We also had the time of the stained tshirts and the wave started by Abercrombie with the models that showed letters made with application of fabric.

As I believe you do not get carried away so easily by these trends that come and go, I have prepared this guide for questions about wearing a tshirt if you have one or encouraging you to use it in new ways.

You do not need a postdoctoral degree to wear a basic tshirt, as it fits in with any color and its simplicity does not make the piece to fight with other clothes, in other words, it is great when you want to highlight a jacket or pants, because it does not dispute the attention of the observer

Inside or out of the pants?

Usually a tshirt is kept the outside, but some looks with more serious and aligned style may demand the tshirt to be worn inside. In simple words, you may keep it as per the need of style at that moment.

Can you wear a tshirt underneath the dress shirt?

You can, especially if you are one of those who sweat a lot and are afraid to stain the shirt, but be careful not to let the tshirt appear. If you will not wear a tie and want to open a few buttons, opt for the V collar. The tshirt appearing underneath the dress shirt gives a slightly sloppy and unprofessional air.

In a casual shirt, how to wear a tshirt?

In this case, you have more freedom as you can close the shirt and leave only a few buttons open or it can be with it completely open, especially the ones with plaid pattern that contrast well with the simplicity of the plain tshirt.


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