Tips to Buy RC Crawler Online

Tips to Buy RC Crawler Online

Are you willing to get RC crawler? If yes you have got yourself to the right place. No matter how old you are, you can seriously use my tips, as I am sure they are very helpful. We all love RC crawlers as they are small in size, look real, have great power and most importantly they have speed, and we all want some speed in our lives now don’t we?.

If you are willing to buy RC crawler from a physical shop, know that there are lesser chances that you will end buying a piece that is not working. As on the shop you can practically look on the label and see how it is working, but this will not happen if you are buying from the internet, as you do not know what will come inside. So read these tips, and invest wisely.

Shopping Online

No doubt that it’s a risky thing to do, but when you are searching for the model you want to buy you can come across many websites, so you get options. Now, here is the real thing, you can go through those websites and see the reviews present on them, this way it will be lot easier for you to get the best model and in working condition.

Extra Features

Know that many brands nowadays online do a lot of sale and discount offers, from which you can not only save a lot of money, but also it will help you to get other new introduced things from those brands, they can be different kinds of kits, accessories or other items. So make sure you lookout for these offers as they can save you more.

You can always switch your model with another one, as many people now online are also willing to swap products. This way you can have a taste of different models, and get that extra experience also. Make sure that after you make your purchase you do drop down a review, as this can help other people have a better understating of what the product holds for them, and it is better.

If you are a RC crawler fan just like me, then you have done yourself a favor by taking yourself to this post. As here I am listing down some of the most famous and light on your budget RC crawlers you must know about. So let’s get onto them.

Axial 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer Ready To Run

It is one the best, and there is no doubt every person that loves RC crawlers loves it. It is light on the budget and you can easily fall in love with when you start racing with it. It has a good battery life, with all this it also comes with a kit that can help you in order to make some basic changes in the look of this crawler. I know already that you will love it, so you must invest in this one guys.

Exceed RC Maxstone

It comes with nitride coated shocks for better playtime. It is light weight which makes it even better. It has huge tires suitable for rock climbing of almost every kind, and I am sure you will love it. It gives you full control even if the weather is a lit bit disturbing. It keeps a low level of gravity which ensures it can stand up straight when it falls down on its face. It has a good motor that gives it a better torque also. It also comes with some parts that you can use to change its looks whenever you want.

Losi B0238t1 Micro 4×4

No doubt number one 4×4 it is, the look is so beautiful you cannot resist using it in your every race. This is surely a good investment that you can make no doubt. It has a shiny body that is completely shock proof and there is so much that you can achieve with it.  Also comes with a kit that can help you change its different parts whenever you like.

Axial Racing 90022

You will be amazed by this one, as it looks completely real, no doubt it is small in size but has a great power. You get extra parts with this one also, that makes it super cool, what else can you ask now? You can upgrade it whenever you want, and comes with LED lights that makes its look even better. Click here if you want to know more.


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