Tips to Care for Your Granite Worktop for Kitchen & Bathroom

Tips to Care for Your Granite Worktop for Kitchen & Bathroom

You should not rub granite using any of the abrasive materials like scouring pads, steel wool, chlorine cleaners and bleaches. On the contrary, it should be washed with tap water, to which a mild non-abrasive detergent can also be added. You can rinse it with tap water and dry it with a clean cloth or something similar. However, metal sponges may be used to clean the sink.

If liquids are spilled, they must be dried on immediate basis. The most harmful liquids are alkaline and acids like juice of lemons and vinegar, the oily things like lard, cooking oils and hot oil from cooking pots, the alcohol or detergents. You should not leave any mounds of salt as well as detergent on the granite surface as well.

The granite stone should not come in contact with any strong chemical acids such as strippers, grease removers, cleaners, degreasers or the similar products.

For a more durable finish, its surface should be sealed in order to diminish the natural porosity. The surface maintenance is supposed to be done every four months having had the cleaning with detergent. To have the best granite sealer, you can visit

You should not knock your granite countertop with a blunt, heavy instrument. It could crack or even break; the edges are the areas which are most sensitive to physical damage. To avoid such accidents, we recommend using a cutting board to avoid the possible harm to the granite.

You should not expose the granite surface to excessively high temperatures either. We recommend that you use tripod or something similar to place the pots that are hot and put directly from kitchen burners.

To remove stains, the water-based stain removers are specially designed to remove the stains of organic nature such as wine, coffee, nicotine, fruit juice and the like. The alkaline degreasers are also used to remove oily stains, grease, pollution, smoke stains, soot and wax.

Since it is natural material, and it seldom has any sort of flaws due to inherent characteristics of the transport of such material. It is possible that it presents small imperfections, which may appear while the process of being manufactured, delivered and/or installed. Well, you have rights to replace or repair minor flaws. Also, you have rights to utilize chemicals or resin fillings to make certain arrangements, some of which would already be on the granite countertop. If you are looking for the best granite sealer.


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