Tips to Choose the Best Cigar Light with Brand Suggestions

Tips to Choose the Best Cigar Light with Brand Suggestions

With the passage of time, the trend of smoking is increasing specially in adults. The use of cigar is not new but today you can find varieties and styles in cigars. If you are a cigar smoker then you must know about all required accessories of cigar without these you will be unable to have a perfect taste of cigars. When your cigar is expensive but your lighter choice is not good it all goes in vain. The old cigar users know which cigar and cigar lighter are good and how to light them but when it comes to new users they must learn all related things before using it.

It is important that the lighter comes with the option of refilling of the butane reserve. Some lighters also bear a fuel level window that makes the process and monitoring much easier. Table top lighters like the Alec Bradley Burner come with a large reservoir so are longer lasting. Strong, three or five flame lighters burn up fuel faster than single flame lighters. So they require constant refilling which can become a headache. However, the strong flame also ensures an even burn on the cigar tip. Here I will suggest you some premium quality brands of best cigar light.

Scorch Torch Triple Jet Flame Butane Cigarette Torch

It can be put into any pocket and remains at around 2 inches tall. It is the best cigar burner that you need a cheap one. There is a triple fire which ensures you get an even blaze on your cigar. The butane in this light is refillable, and the fire is flexible. The fire likewise benefits a vocation holding up against the light twist. But, at the same time flops in a substantial wind setting. This, itself feels strong and isn’t made of modest plastic. We suggest you get some butane refills because it does not come with any. It has a pleasant grasp on the sides. It is easy to carry.

Xikar Stratosphere High Altitude

The length of the cigars can do amusing things. It can run slower down the burn in your cigar. What’s more, that is the place the XIKAR Stratosphere cigar lighter comes in. It’s fitted with a defensive elastic body. It is a very best torch cigar lighter which has the windproof fire. It burns ravishing and is hot at 12,000′ above ocean level. This feature implies you will be toasting that Churchill sans issue practically at any place.

Tonino Lamborghini Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

It is helpful and dependable lighter. It is available in small price. Get it in charcoal or Chrome whichever suits your flavour. The unmistakable tank shows you the liquid level. It is light in solid, weight, and worked for wind-proofing. It is a standout amongst the most noteworthy cigar lighters. This poor kid effectively outflanks $30 cigar lighters. It works very easily, and the butane goes far. What’s more, what about the wind-proofing? It is incredible.

Alec Bradley Table

Not surprisingly, the Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table burner is still considered one of the best cigar burners in the world. It is obtainable in the market with just about any finish which you can think of. Alec Bradley “The Burner” Table burner is still considered the original windproof lighter. It performs well at any elevation. You can grab it from the Amazon on reasonable price as it is not so expensive.

Cigar lighters are very important to smokers, which can make or break their smoking experience. They need to be convenient to use, safe, handy, long lasting, and look good too. They are the kind of thing that is shared a lot, so they are a part of the perception of a person. So it should be the kind that is worth being given to others.

Before telling about the things to look for in a cigar lighter, you need to know how they work. They include an ignition system, a fuel reservoir to ignite, and a mechanism by which the fuel source is brought before the ignition system. Hence the fuel used is very important for the kind of flame produced.


The fuel source most commonly used is butane in liquid form. Some lighters like the Zippo use their own custom fuel. This sometimes poses some problems as smokers claim using a different fuel alters the taster of the cigar. As a result, butane is most commonly used, producing a clear, strong flame.

Body Durability

Many cheap lighters are made of cheap plastic that can crack or bend with pressure. Some like the Scorch Torch are made of good material despite their low cost. The best material used is metal, which imparts a long life to the lighter, as well as comfortable handling. Metal also gives a pleasant feel when being gripped, like the Rocky Patel.


Most lighters are pocket sized so that they can be carried anywhere, which is the requirement of most smokers. Then there are lighters for use in restaurants, bars, cigar rooms, which are much larger in size and are not portable. Special needs lighters are also available like strong resistant ones for hikers, climbers, strong wind resistant ones, and water resistant ones. All these added functionalities affect the size of the lighter. Most are of 3 inches, which is the size usually required by most users.


Most users make do with single flame lighters. But they haven’t experienced the benefits of a three or five flame lighter yet. The even and easy burn lead to a much better smoking experience. The flame also gets strongest, the more butane is burned, a function that can be altered in some lighters.


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