Tips to Clean Grout with Bleach and Brush

Tips to Clean Grout with Bleach and Brush

If your home has ceramic tile, you probably know how challenging it can be to keep the grout clean. The spilled liquids can stain grout. In fact, bathrooms and kitchens are damp areas that encourage the growth of mold and mildew which become visible as the ugly dark lines. Cleaning of the grout can be a tiresome job, but there are a few great products that make it easier.

A grout cleaner brush is the simplest product and often the least expensive one. Grout brushes are available in a variety of types. V-shaped brushes are popular and are even used by the professional grout cleaning services as well. The unique shape of this grout cleaner brush scrubs thoroughly by fitting perfectly into the recesses of the surface. Long-handled grout brushes can be conveniently used while standing. Some have pivoting heads to reach behind plumbing and into tight spaces. Hand-held brushes are best for small and tight areas and corners. The brushes work well, but they can often require a substantial amount of effort. Fortunately, using an oxygen bleach grout cleaner with your brush can make the task less exhausting. You can also find grout cleaners here at very low prices as there are lots of deals available.

Oxygen bleach is also known as sodium percarbonate. It is sold under a variety of brand names. Some oxygen bleach products are made specifically for tile and grout cleaning which have additional surfactants in the formula that work as adjuncts to the bleach. Oxygen bleach is similar to chlorine bleach in its actions, but unlike chlorine bleach, it is non-toxic and does not burn your skin or irritate your eyes and lungs. This makes it much easier and safer to work with if you are cleaning large areas.

It costs more than chlorine bleach, but it is still very affordable. To use a standard oxygen bleach as a grout cleaner, simply mix it with a little water and pour or spray it onto the surface of the tile. It will bubble slightly and after a minute or so, you will find that scrubbing with your grout cleaning brush now is much more effective, and the dirt and mildew stains will easily be removed. Simply rinse with water, and you have grout that looks like a new one. For specialty grout products, follow the instructions on the product’s package to have maximum cleaning effect.


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