Tips to Maintain Your Black Hair Weave Styles Longer

Tips to Maintain Your Black Hair Weave Styles Longer

Hair weave styles require time, money as well as patience, but the result is worth of spending all these things. After you have achieved that gorgeous look you have always craved for, it would be a waste of time and efforts if you cannot manage to have them last for as long as possible and you desire. If you think that after you have applied your hair weave extensions you do not need to do anything else, you are actually dead wrong. Your hair weave style needs a special care with special hair care products. In this post, I am going to give you some easy tips on how to get a longer lifespan for your hair weaves. You should keep in mind that the maintenance of hair depends very much on the type of your extensions you select i.e. if they are real human hair weaves or they are made of the synthetic hair.


If you have got the real human hair weaves, you are lucky for the reason that this is the best quality you can get and they are quite easier to maintain as well. Since your hair weave is natural, you do not necessarily need a special shampoo for these hair extensions. You can use shampoo for normal natural hair, but it is best for it to be a professional one, which is designated to be used for the sensitive hair, so it does not damage your hair in any way. It is mandatory that you use a conditioner as well. The conditioner should be one that moisturizes your hair in a really good way, preferably one that contains mango butter or Shea butter and essential oils, so that it can properly hydrate your hair. Also once or twice a week, you ought to apply a hair treatment mask that can get the knots out of your hair and also give extra moisture. You could also apply warmed olive oil 30 minutes before you wash your hair and cover your hair in a towel.

It is always preferable that you do not style your weaves in order not to damage your hair. If you blow dry your hair, you are supposed to try to keep the blow dryer at a distance of at least 25 cm from the hair and you use the lowest temperature as well. In case you want to use a hair straightener or a curler, you must apply a special spray or hair product with heat protection, otherwise you will ruin your hair. For a longer lifespan, it is also recommended that you do not abuse your hair with styling products such as hair gel, spray or foam.

I hope you like the tips shared with you in this piece of writing, and you will find greater results when you apply them for your hair weaves. I would appreciate if you share your experiences with us and the other readers so they can move ahead in better direction.


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