Tips to Make a Homemade Pepper Spray – Part 1

Tips to Make a Homemade Pepper Spray – Part 1

In this 2-part post, I will teach you to make an effective and free pepper spray in your own home.

A pepper spray is a perfect weapon to protect you from any attack or attempt of aggression. The society in which we have been living has become increasingly insecure and it is our right to prepare ourselves to be able to defend ourselves and our family members.

In this article, I am going to teach you how to make your own a home-based pepper spray with the same ingredients which most companies use.

Preliminary Clarifications on Legality of Homemade Pepper Spray

Before I share these tips with you, I need you to know that everything you do from now is under your responsibility, and I want you to be very careful; always keep in mind that using a pepper spray for self-defense or any other component is not a game, and we must treat them with great care, the effects of sprays on people could be very harmful.

On the other hand, I also advise you that homemade pepper sprays are not approved, I would like you to check before you get to work to make yours about the approval of pepper spray. If you are in doubt, I would suggest you to buy the commercially available and approved Wildfire Pepper Spray.

Ingredients for Making a Personal Pepper Spray at Home

The materials you will need to make a pepper spray in your own home are very economical and will not cost you any effort to find them. We are going to need the following items;

  • Red cayenne pepper
  • Chile and it can be much better if it is in powder form
  • Natural lemon juice
  • A bottle of chlorine
  • Salt
  • Small sprayer or spray bottle in metal or glass. Avoid using plastic bottle.
  • Protective eyewear

Step One – Prepare the Dry Spicy Mixture

The first thing you have to do is put on the protective glasses, but you can have it to get out of the way with some sunglasses, put them close to the face, and cross your fingers, so that at that moment no one enters and sees you because you will look a little silly.

Mix the dry ingredients first in a bowl, which are red cayenne pepper, chili, which is a variety of pepper that pikes a lot, and salt. You must mix it very well, and you have to try that the resulting powder is as thin and homogeneous as possible and should not be distinguished.

Tips to Make a Homemade Pepper Spray – Part 2

Step Two – Be Brave and Try the Spicy Mix

This is the step of the brave, of those who trust in what they do, of heroes and you will have to try it, but be very careful to test it. Simply pick a very small pinch of the mixture, and I emphasize very small and put it on the tip of your tongue; if it is spicy enough, you will begin to tear, and congrats, you already have the base of the pepper spray ready.

Step Three – Liquid Part

Now we will prepare lemon juice, only juice, and we must avoid having pulp, we need the very liquid of lemons, so squeeze it as many times as necessary, and do not skip it and do not mix with water or anything like; Now add it to the base of dry spice that we prepared in the previous step. It should be as liquid as we can, so that at the time of shooting it against the aggressor, it can easily leave the spray that we will fill with our homemade mix.

A drop of lemon in an eye stings like a real barbarity and if we add it with the dry spicy base, you can imagine the extreme effect. We already know that the effects of pepper spray are very strong on an aggressor, even if they are homemade

Step Four – Chlorine

It is an extra ingredient for more powerful effect. Once the spicy liquid mixture is created, I advise you to put the icing with a few droplets of chlorine, which will give make your pepper spray more powerful for the reason that pure chlorine is highly irritating. We are adding a percentage of liquid that will contribute to the mixture and it is more dissolved, but without losing properties, on the contrary, adding more power to the itching effect. Chlorine can easily be found in any store that is dedicated to cleaning pools.

Step Five – Mix Very Well

We already have the lemon juice mixed with the dry spicy base and a few drops of liquid chlorine, now it is necessary to mix everything well and put it in a small bottle of spray. You can use a small old glass bottle that is empty, but you must make sure that it is completely dry and empty, as we cannot contaminate the mixture. If you do not find any at home, you can get it in a store of articles for cleaning or at a drugstore.


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