Tips to Take a Pre Workout Supplement for Women

Tips to Take a Pre Workout Supplement for Women

When you intend to use a pre workout supplement for women, I would advices you to limit the use of these products for days of maximum exigency and when your capacity for concentration is somewhat depleted by the external factors, and that in all this, we physically see that we can truly go to train. A very frequent mistake is the ‘abuse’ of pre workout supplements, as a result, their effectiveness is progressively lost. To understand this question, we see how the stimulants act in the internal system of our body.

  • By taking any stimulating substance like caffeine, our body reacts by carrying a message to the brain, and this allows the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. This substance is generated by the adrenal glands, located above the kidneys.
  • Notable effects are the increase in blood pressure, heart rate and breathing and our body assimilates this situation as if it were a state of alert.
  • The adrenaline belongs to the group of catecholamines, which act directly on our central nervous system, and as a result, the body is trained to improve the use of its potential, giving a better performance in strength and endurance to better withstand pain.
  • The increase of the catecholamines is linked to the release of dopamine and generating a ‘virtual’ sensation of greater energetic state.

Avoiding Adrenal Overload

This would seem perfect to keep it in time, but the reality is that it generates a great wear to our adrenal system. If you keep your dose of caffeine, there comes a time that you will need to increase the intake as you will not find out the results with regular intake. This means generating more stress to your adrenal glands, increasing your work, and resulting in almost no effect on performance and you do not receive any improvement with even overdose of caffeine with the passage of time.

At this point, you have to perform a ‘reset’ or put another way, remove everything that contains nervous system stimulant, from the pre workout supplement for women to coffees and commercial stimulant drinks.

Cycle Your Use

You will alternate periods of taking with others of rest, thus, you give a respite to your body, and thanks to it, when you reintroduce the stimulant, always progressively, you will see it rewarded in the form of all its benefits in enhanced performance. Although it is not the most common issue, with a very continuous use of these products, you could develop bruxism.

Training and Nature

Nature has enabled us to respond to the situations of stress and be able to deal with the ‘danger’, but of course, if it were something quick and concise, training could be comparable to this alarmist feeling situation. Therefore, as far as possible, you will let nature act on its own. At FitLifeArt, you will find the best pre workout supplements for women.


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