Top 3 Reloading Presses

Top 3 Reloading Presses

You must try the reloading press if you are willing to save your money and experience shooting better. Here I suggest you the best reloading press of 2016.

1 – Lyman Reloading Press T-Mag 

You can mostly use all accessories on different models by this brand. As it is extremely user friendly and goes really light on your wallet. Another thing is that it makes a perfect reloading press if you are beginner and are trying to learn the working of different machines. I have recommended this one to many people around me; they bought and are surely happy about this one also. It has easy to use features, and comes in a condition where you to assemble it, I have done that and it is very easy. In this way, you can save time for making different kinds of ammos, while making their shells. It comes with automatic functions, such as you can prime the shells with primer only by inserting some primer in one part, and it will prime every shell on its own. The other good thing about this one is that you can buy the accessories and kits that comes with this reloading press separately as it will save you time and effort.

2 – Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading

Assembly is extremely easy. It is also known as the universal priming arm that has a great catcher tray. The handle is easy to operate, that asks you to provide lesser force, so you can complete more number of ammos with less time spending on it and lesser effort. If you are willing to use the rod on this one, it will help you, but if you decide to not use that it’s not that much of an issue. It is best value for the money you will spend on it as the turret press alone is great quality and provides you good performance as well.

3 – Lee Breech Lock Challenger Kit

Overall all of the features it has makes it one of the best reloading press that you can buy, it gets 4 stars from me in quality and 4.5 in precision, and when it comes to the speed it does the work I give it 3.

In market one can easily find what he or she wants. Some beginners prefer single stage loading presses and some prefer other models. In rare cases, very few shooters have ability to work with semi automatic machines in initial stages. These beginners have good understanding of the manuals, but still they need much care and patience in reloading stages. These products vary in forms. Here is the list of three top rated reloading presses.

1 – Dillion Precision Reloading Press

This machine is good in working and have low price as compare to progressive reloading presses. It can produce multiple numbers of bullets in simple few steps. This machine is solid and have hardwood ball grip lever which helps it to work on right and left handed reloader. People who love shooting use different equipments and bullets which are commonly used by them in shootings.  Bullets used by them have different size and different size of bullet means different the case is. When cases are different the dies are different, and it needs much energy and time in changing of die but this press is different as it can work on all type of cases.

  • Turret system
  • Four station turrets head
  • Solid in body and change dies automatically
  • Work on large cases

2 – Dillion precision reloading press

This is progressive machine system which works at a time. This machine has four progressive working stages and has ability to work on large cases too. This machine has manual indexing system and it work under four stations. Each station has different other ways of working. This press is durable and costly. In this machine, shells are moved for next stage manually.

  • It is one mean machine
  • Four different work stations
  • Have powder measuring equipments
  • Manual indexing system
  • Work on different cases
  • Durability

3 – Dillion Precision 20104

This reloading machine is also progressive, but it is advanced in its features than others. This machine has four working stations which work in all complete forms. A large number of ammo kits can be produced under four working stations. All four stages work from resizing and depriming to priming of cases where powder is charged inside the cases, after powdered charging it goes for next stage of seating and in the last crimping happens. In this reloading machine all stages are performed automatically and each stage is performed individual and turned to next stage because of it has auto indexing system. This machine has powder measuring scales which fill powder in required quantity inside the cases and it posses all equipment which are necessary for loading process from shell holders to shell plate, all priming parts.

  • Auto indexing system
  • Perfect work
  • Life time span warranty
  • Four working stations
  • Set of package is available in this reloading machine
  • Advanced in its functions

I am sure that with my article you can find the best reloading press for your use.


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