Top 5 Drill Bits to Consider

Top 5 Drill Bits to Consider

It is risky when you choose wrong drill bits which can destroy your project. A good number of companies are offering best quality products in set forms and you must choose that one which is best for your project.

Dewalt dw5207- 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry set

Are you looking for strong drill bit? If yes, then here it is, Premium Masonry Set by Dewalt Company. This product is different from other ordinary product because it is strong and usable on concrete and masonry.  This set is available in seven different size bits which ranges in from 3/16o f an inch to 1/3 of an inch. These bits have rock carbide tips which can penetrate in concrete easily and give neat and accurate hole.

Craftman Drilling and Driving Accessory Kit

If you working on different project then you definitely need different accessories and multi size drill bit set. Craftmean Company is offering you a 100 multi size pieces of drill bit and driving set. This set is good for all ordinary drilling purposes and it includes 22 different size bits, driver bits, nut drivers and an Allen key. This set is strong and made up of alloy steel.

Dewalt DW 2587, 80 pieces professional drilling kit

In this set you will have 17 black-oxide drill bits available in 1/16 of an inch to ¾ of an inch. In this set you will also have compact magnetic drive, nut drive, socket adapter, magnetic bit tip holder and so on.  Magnetic drive guide can protect your drill bit from slipping and it helps you in working fast.

Makita D-35318 Titanium Coated Drill Bit Set

If you are working on wood, metal and plastic projects buy a product which is applicable on them. In this case Makita Company is offering Titanium Coated Drill Bit set which has ability of drilling clean and perfect holes in your required object. This set is coated with titanium nitride which adds life to it. It is fully ground set for accurate chip removing and it is durable product.

SE 7503SD 3-Piece power extension Drill bit set

This drilling set is workable on sockets. In this set you will have three powerful bits. It has a ring -loaded stainless steel ball which helps you in keeping your socket on its place. Chrome vanadium is used in it which makes the product durable and highly powerful.

The drills bits vary in sizes and shapes. You must get the correct drill bit for the material in which you are going to make holes. There is no need to look out for the drill bits as we are here with top five of them;

1 – DeWALT DW1361

It additionally spares lots of time and exertion. These strong steel bits have a titanium covering that upgrades quality. It avoids consumption when drilling through hard metals. It likewise stands well against heat, unavoidably created when drilling metal. These curve outline bits infiltrate metal quickly. Bit shanks are intended to evade any turning in throw. It gives spotless, sharp outcomes with no drag.

2 – Wilmar Performance Tool Master

It accompanies a cool convey case too. It even tosses in some screwdriver bits in there with the blend. As far as quality, let’s be realistic, you can’t generally expect extraordinary toughness with all that you are arriving. Be that as it may, they are certainly weak like a few people guarantee. We would purchase great drilling tools for the primary ten or so bit sizes you use consistently. They don’t simply break like twigs. The majority of the bits are titanium covered and made of steel. We think this device set is ideal for the regular jack of all trades as a reinforcement set.

3 – Bosch CO18 18-Piece Cobalt Twist

Steel bits accompany cobalt covering to give improved quality that hoisted execution and rations exertion. This 18-piece contort drilling tool set from the trusted brand of Bosch is an amazing decision on the off chance that you are hoping to work with hard metals.

4 – Neiko 10197A

The plan additionally empowers speedy chip-removal to expand precision. The shank is tri-flatted which secures the bit immovably and stays away from slippage. The bits are planned with a 135-degree calculated tip and two-woodwind outline that gives specific outcomes by averting skating or strolling. Their progression framework additionally makes them reasonable for broadening of gaps. The bits are orchestrated in an aluminum case for safe stockpiling and simple transportation. All bits in the set function admirably.

5 – Irwin Industrial Tools 63221 Metal Index Set

It stands firmly against intense metals attributable to its scraped area safe plan. An elite range from Irwin, this 21-piece set is displayed from solid steel, improved by a Cobalt covering. The winding woodwind plan of the bits helps in snappy chip evacuation, expanding effectiveness. The Irwin drilling tools breeze through the heat resistance test acceptably. The 135-degree split point takes into account simple entrance in the hardest surfaces without much exertion. The drilling tools come encased in a sturdy metal case to keep them composed. It offers 21-bits of astounding bits.


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