Using Email Signature to Brand Your Communications

Using Email Signature to Brand Your Communications

The little piece of the information that is found at the bottom of an email is called an email signature. It includes critical details of the sender’s business. For a business, a branded email signature is important. Email is the most important communication tool for any business and emailing is a major part of a normal business activities.

Every email sent is an opportunity to promote business and email signature is one of the brand touch points. Marketing gurus say that an average of 7 to 10 touch points are needed before a sale is done or in other words, a potential customer should be exposed to your brand 7 to 10 times before they decide to buy your product. The signature is an opportunity to remind your customers that you are a brand and that is your business name. This is how they contact you and buy your offerings. No matter what email software you use, MS-Outlook or any web-based, you can easily and quickly create an email signature. Here are some tips for your signature design.

Here are few tips to make your email signature design more effective;

  • Incorporate your name and title (if any)
  • Incorporate your business name and tagline 
  • Incorporate the address of your company
  • Incorporate all contact numbers (i.e. office number, direct number, cell number, fax number) 
  • Incorporate your personal email address or any other like info, contact, or any other you think will be important
  • Incorporate your company’s website URL 
  • Incorporate links to major social web destinations like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any other you think is important
  • Incorporate your logo. Make sure it is optimized for gif, jpg, png or any other format required, and also that is small (3 kb max file size) and must be hosted on your web server.

Professionally designed signatures brand your email as opposed to an unprofessional unbranded email sent by Google or Hotmail or any other account that might be URL branded but not with email signature. Keep it in mind that you are already communicating through an email, so it will be wise to use the opportunity to make a brand impression. Your signature can do this unobtrusively, and when your recipient needs your service, they will know from where to find you out.

An extension to an email signature is the domain name or your business URL. Your email must be branded to use your domain name. Learn from Goldleaf consulting how your domain name can be an important part of your brand name.


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