Valuable Strategies to Survive in Clash of Clans

Valuable Strategies to Survive in Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is one the legendary MMO strategy games with an App available for iPhones as well. The game is huge in its setting and the gamers keep exploring the new angles and developing effective new strategies to improve their performance and outshine the other players. The simple rule to win over others is to build resources in abundance and get strengthened as you advance and make further progress enhancing your power.

Gain of Power

When you have gained a great deal of resources and strength, the other players get attracted to you as you have much to defend but with their the point of view other players, you have much for them to loot and transfer your power to them. So here comes the real challenge for you to survive in the world of Clash of Clans which is defense of your assets and the famous strategy of defense comes thorough offence.

Attack or Defend

You further strength will depend upon your approach as would you like to sit back and gather the sources or get ready to fight the other players. Well, you have to make a balance between both of the approaches to service in Clash of Clans.

Targets of Attack

When you have deiced to be aggressive and getting ready to attack some opponent, you are required to consider a few aspects before you take the next step.

  • Check the level of Town Hall to value the precise quantity of resources they have which at least be equal to your own spent resources for attack.
  • You must decide what resources you need so that they can be of use to you.

The Shield

When you are attacked and you get hurt as well, the percentage of destruction will be a significant factor for your further survival.

  • In case your town is damaged around 40%, there is a period for twelve hours for the shield.
  • In case of 90% damage, you will have additional 4 hours for the shield.

Since you have got protection for the duration of 12 to 16 hours, you get time to reconsider your strategies and decide further action.

The first impulsive action of many new players is to quickly go for the retaliation, so they attack back. Well, this is 200% bad idea as it removes your shield immediately and you are not in the position to fight with power as you are already badly hurt.

Actually, you have to value the safety time and use it for restoration. You need to think about your strengths and weaknesses so as to determine the new strategy to build, defend and attack.

What Next?

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