Vital Points to Know about Buying Air Filters

Vital Points to Know about Buying Air Filters

If you looking for the information about air filters like the following; you will get all answers here;

  • What are their different sizes?
  • What are MERV ratings?
  • Where should you buy or change them from?
  • Do your really need one?

These are few of the most important questions grumbling in your mind, when you think about buying air filter. Although without answering to these questions you will never be able to make your decision wise, even you might kill the whole purpose of buying a filter.

It is difficult to determine which filter matches your needs. If your house has pets you need high rating to protect you from the pollutant shed by your pets. If there are few with allergies or other breathing problem, your choice for filter will be different. The usability and suitability of filter is dependent on their rating also called MERV rating. The higher the MERV figure the great will it perform. For pet holding house, MERV 11 or 13 filter is fine or you must look for carbon filter even. If you don’t have any pet living or don’t have any severe breathing problems you can survive with MERV 6 or 8.

If you fail to bring any correct sized filter it might kill the purpose of having it. The size of the air filter is usually imprinted on the older filter that you are replacing with. However if you don’t have an older one then you can measure it with tape. The nominal size is not the actual size of the filter. Nominal sizes are mostly slightly larger than that of actual, to permit the little room inside the slot of the filter. This works perfectly for HVAC settings, as air pressure inside presses air filter frame against the filter slot frame that seals it.

To have the performance up to the mark, keep changing the filter as suggested by the manufacturer. Depending on external and indoor air quality of the environment, you may have to change them frequently. Follow the instructions given with the HVAC system because you may void warranty if you fail to change the filters accordingly.


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